Facebook introducing new service similar to Groupon

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Facebook, is testing a new business platform that will help it to venture into business deals with local small businesses in selected cities. Earlier in the month, the social networking giant wrote on its wall, “We’re testing a new Deals feature that brings you offers from nearby businesses, which

The Twitter buy-off and the Lessons Learnt from It

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Rumor has it the second time over, that Google and Facebook are in “low level” talks with Twitter for business acquisition.  Several businesses and analysts have been thinking of the pros and cons of this move and the impact it will have on the two business giants. Another important

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Its that time of the year again! When every day is soaked in cheer and snow, Merriment and joy abound, Wish your employees and clients twice around Once for X’mas and then New Year’s too, Through promotional gifts that speak for you   I am super excited! Its my

Of Happy Employees and Happening Sales!

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Seen how a beautiful pattern gradually unfolds in front of your eyes when a line of dominoes rhythmically slide into each other? A successful business development strategy embodies this too; happy employees = happy clients = rising sales = happy You, and the beautiful pattern spells ‘Success’. Read on