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Facebook introducing new service similar to Groupon

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Facebook, is testing a new business platform that will help it to venture into business deals with local small businesses in selected cities. Earlier in the month, the social networking giant wrote on its wall, “We’re testing a new Deals feature that brings you offers from nearby businesses, which you can share with your friends”. This feature is currently being test run in Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco.

Former to this systematic targeting to increase businesses on its platform, Facebook allowed small businesses to have a dedicated “business page” where they could advertise their offers and schemes. However, users who wanted to know more about these offers had to visit those specific pages. This new application by Facebook will remove the need to visit specific pages and make receiving offers and deals more convenient. Similar in functioning to “Groupon”, this application however, will bring offers right on the walls of the users. Once a local business makes a deal with Facebook, it will be able to publish the details of their offers on the homepage of users.

The development of this feature is a boon for small businesses especially those planning new online business ideas. For local businesses, the opportunity to publish offers on a platform as popular as Facebook is sure to   boost sales. Businesses can innovate promotional ideas which will promote their businesses without too much added cost. Analysts believe this marketing strategy could prove to be as successful as the use of promotional products in generating business for small, local businesses.

When Facebook pioneered itself as a social networking site, it brought a lot of long lost friends together. Its wonderful business page, brought success to several businesses as they could understand and interact with their clientele and market their new business ideas to them, directly. With the advent of this new business application, this giant is all set to bring a new revolution in business strategy and change the course of online marketing.

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The Twitter buy-off and the Lessons Learnt from It

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Rumor has it the second time over, that Google and Facebook are in “low level” talks with Twitter for business acquisition.  Several businesses and analysts have been thinking of the pros and cons of this move and the impact it will have on the two business giants. Another important point of consideration is the reason a growing business like Twitter might want to sell itself.

The answers to these questions are fairly simple really. Caught between two industry giants looking to monopolize the market in their respective domains, twitter cannot establish a spectrum of its own. Besides, reluctant to turn its venture commercial, Twitter incurs growing losses each year. However, as a part of either Facebook or Google, twitter has much to gain in financial terms and otherwise. On the part of these companies, this micro-blogging site, represents a treasure-trove of information that is sure to give these two giants a value added service and in turn more customers.

This analysis leads us to the most pertinent question, namely what lessons can we learn to make a strategic business plan for our business development from this occurrence.

One of the main learning lessons is that Acquisitions are not all that evil. Off-course they are evil for the employees working there. They are even evil for those at the selling point in certain ways, for they tuck in their feet to sell out on the basic morals and principles that governed their functioning in the first place. However, an acquisition also defines smart business sense, which can save a more drastic result by “holding on” rather than selling when there is “still time”. When the choice lies between losing jobs completely or having to deal with a new management, what would you rather take?

Also as opposed to the popular perception of things, acquisitions does not necessarily mean, a failed business. The case in the point is obviously Twitter, which has new user sign-ups each day. Their add placement on the site lately also suggests that they are not really drowning down. This then is a classic case of “thinking ahead of time”. A smart business idea then would be to think ahead, be aware of the ongoing in the businesses you deal in and the approximate outcome result.

A new business idea to get from the Google-Facebook-Twitter dealing is to understand that there are newer avenues which always open up for any business no matter its huge success or even faliure. It is upto us to not be drastically bogged down or be scared by the business developments, but to implement new business strategy to move ahead and conquer situations.

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Its that time of the year again!

When every day is soaked in cheer and snow,
Merriment and joy abound,
Wish your employees and clients twice around
Once for X’mas and then New Year’s too,
Through promotional gifts that speak for you


I am super excited! Its my favorite time of the year, when business and pleasure comfortably blend and I get to wish all my favorite people, including you and everyone else a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Nah! … A MERRRRRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPPPPY NEW YEAR!

We will be finally stepping into 2011 but not before thanking all those lovely people who made 2010 such a delightful year. I plan to say my thank yous in this way. After a year-long saga of business tips, why refrain from doling out some more?

December is the season for gifts and gifting but instead of the usual run-of-the-mill gifting ideas, why not try something new? Your promotional gifts can be as cheerful as you this year-end. Here’s how.

Cards are passé, promotional calendars are in!
Instead of giving out paper greeting cards, opt for creative ways to let your greetings linger even though the year won’t. Customize promotional calendars with your greetings and hand them out to your clients or employees.
My tip: You can customize your promotional calendars with photos of employees and one liners that make them unique in your office.

Sweeten your wishes
Promotional chocolates as business gifts won’t come as a real surprise to your clients or employees but imagine the looks on their faces when they see their name imprinted on the chocolates they receive preceded by a ‘thank you’? Make the ‘custom’ in your custom promotional chocolates creative and you’ll be rewarded with a smile.

Talk through a theme
Gift promotional shirts in red to your employees and ask them to wear it on X’mas. These promotional shirts will be perceived as thoughtful gifts that promote camaraderie rather promotional gifts.

Lastly, can business ideas ever leave out business? Introduce special year-end discounts or offers for your customers and gift yourself the assurance that they will be waiting for you in 2011.

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Of Happy Employees and Happening Sales!

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Seen how a beautiful pattern gradually unfolds in front of your eyes when a line of dominoes rhythmically slide into each other? A successful business development strategy embodies this too; happy employees = happy clients = rising sales = happy You, and the beautiful pattern spells ‘Success’.

Read on for more business tips about how happy employees will boost your sales.

Satisfy them and they will satisfy your customers

Satisfied employees will genuinely like working for you and not just because you pay them well. Make them feel important by giving them an occasional compliment or corporate gifts and they will have a similar demeanor while dealing with your customers.

They are brand messengers

Promotional products are not the only means to publicize your brand; the people who use them can spread the word too. Corporate gifts like promotional t-shirts, promotional mugs and imprinted travel bags will boost your brand in addition to their morale. A satisfied employee is likely to flaunt these corporate gifts even outside work.

Aggrieved employees can antagonize your clientele

Remember for your client, your employees represent your business and an unprofessional employee can sabotage client relations. The trick is to have a healthy, understanding employee-employer relationship. Even if you can’t afford to give promotional t-shirts or other such fancy promo items, the least you can do is have ‘grievance discussion and resolution’ sessions. Your indifference about their issues can kill their spirit but your interest can revive and boost it.

Hang on to them because they save costs

Its always advisable to hang on to your long-standing employees even if they aren’t going through a particularly productive period. The bottom line is they know their work; they are going through a phase and will get out of it. On the other hand, hiring new employees means training costs and valuable sales time lost in instruction.

Business tips are about action rather than mere ideas. Act today! Make your business development strategy employee-friendly. Treat your staff as your assets and they will treat your work personal responsibility rather than a mere professional task.

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