14 Promotional Giveaways For St. Patrick’ Day

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St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner! March 17, 2016 is eagerly looked forward to by thousands of fun-loving Americans. Every year, they participate in St. Patrick’s Day festivities across the country. Green-themed parties are organized with beer and food in abundance. It’s time to relax and have

Holidays and Observances in USA in March 2016

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The month of March offers ample marketing opportunities for businesses! A lot of Promo Direct customers launch their very first marketing campaign for the year in March. They say the month offers them a good dose of luck and goodwill! We hope this article helps you choose the right

8 Inspiring Women Entrepreneurs In The USA

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USA is home to the world’s largest population of women entrepreneurs. This breed of fearless women is growing exponentially every year! We celebrate International Women’s Day 2016 with this special list of successful women entrepreneurs. We hope they inspire you to pursue greater roles in business leadership!

5 Tips to Ensure Efficient Project Management

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A lot of projects run behind schedule, leaving behind a trail of anger, frustration and dissatisfied clients. It’s a fact that most companies have projects that are led by inexperienced managers. They struggle to manage a team – it’s a routine that goes on every single day of the

6 Benefits of Using Promotional Products for Presidential Elections

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Promotional products have played a prominent role in American politics for more than two centuries. Its history can be traced back to the era of George Washington – he used commemorative badges to highlight his Presidential campaign. Some of these historic badges are now preserved at the Museum of

5 Tips to Become a Confident Leader!

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Most business leaders we come across are a confident bunch of men and women! They have vast experience in dealing with a variety of people and projects – they seem to have nerves of steel! People give importance to every word they say because they believe in the power

Promo Direct Wins Two Prestigious Awards in January 2016!

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2016 started with a bang for Promo Direct – we won two awards in quick succession! These awards have helped to cement our position as one of the leading promotional products companies in the USA. We are motivated to continue providing our customers with world-class giveaway solutions at affordable

5 Tips To Find Marketing Excellence In Times Of Adversity

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It’s difficult to survive in this competitive world without becoming hardened souls. The pursuit of excellence demands that we become ruthless in our marketing approach while maintaining a soft exterior that appeals to the target audience. How well is your company performing? Has there been any concerns regarding profits

Building Brand Recognition at Trade Shows – Infographic

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Trade shows offer an opportunity for businesses to enhance brand recognition, generate leads and promote the company in one location. In short, trade shows help reduce the sales cycle time! With thousands of businesses exhibiting in the trade show, it is important that you distribute a product that will

10 Tips For Making Presentations People Love To Hear!

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A lot of people find it easy to go in front of a crowd and give presentations for hours at a stretch. This breed of superior people is a rarity though. This article is dedicated to the jittery majority worried from head to toe about how their presentation will