Feb 07

4 Reasons Why You Must Opt For Lanyards As Marketing Tools

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Lanyards are practical items that are used at most places such as schools, hospitals, offices, conferences and airports. If your goal is to gain maximum exposure for your brand, then lanyards are the effective tools as they offer maximum visibility. Here are 4 reasons why you must include lanyards in your marketing strategy:

1. High Utility Value: Lanyards can hold a wide range of items such as keys, passes, IDs, membership cards and flash cards. Since, they have a purpose and are practical, most companies around the world use these to promote their brand.

2. Everybody loves freebies: Research reveals that individuals like to receive freebies and will keep them for long, especially if they are useful. If lanyards have swivel hooks or clips, then customers can attach anything to them.

3. Quality imprint area: Lanyards have an impressive imprint area. Your company logo, texts or designs will stand out on these lanyards; thereby making it visible to more people.

4. Economical giveaways: They are affordable and can be easily distributed at tradeshows, meetings, events and conferences. Moreover, you can obtain attractive discounts on bulk purchases. This factor is important in any business endeavor particularly, when prices of most items are increasing.

Here are some lanyards that will interest you: Cotton Personalized Lanyard Neck Cord, Hang In There Promo Lanyard and Value Circle Badge Holder. Also visit our Lanyards section to explore the wide range on offer.

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Feb 04

Remembering Philip Seymour Hoffman

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Philip Seymour Hoffman, the popular American actor, Director and Academy Award winner was a genius who could step into any character’s shoes quite effortlessly. In the past two decades, the stocky star gained a reputation for doing roles that required a lot dedication and preparation. Sadly, his career and life was cut short when he was found dead of a drug overdose on February 2nd, 2014. He was only 46.

We, at Promo Direct, pay tribute to this great actor by recollecting his Top 5 performances:

1. Truman Capote, Capote (2005)

Hoffman played the role of an anonymous writer in Capote who researches for his book, ‘In Cold Blood’ and develops a close bond with murderer Perry Smith. This movie won him an Oscar for best actor.

2. Lester Bangs, Almost Famous (2000)

Although this movie did not set the cash registers ringing, Hoffman’s role as Lester Bangs—a legendary music writer—won him many positive reviews from critics. He convincingly played the character of a drug-abusing and weary mentor to William (the central character).

3. Bachmann, A Most Wanted Man (2013)

Hoffman played the role of an intelligence agent Bachmann in this movie, which was an adaptation of a spy novel written by John Le Carre.

4. Owen Davian, Mission Impossible III (2006)

He essayed the role of an arms dealer in this action packed movie. His performance added weight to Tom Cruise’s role. The movie was a blockbuster and won him many accolades for playing the role of ruthless villain to core.

5. Lancaster, The Master (2012)

His role as a leader of religious sect in the movie was critically acclaimed, including an Oscar nomination for the best supporting actor.

We have lost a prolific and talented actor but we will always treasure his performances and remember him for his acting prowess. Rest in Peace, Mr. Hoffman. Thank you for the memories.

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Jan 31

Is Your Brand Unclear or Non-Existent? 5 Ways to Build and Promote a Brand

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Although there are many aspects of the marketing process that business owners must pay attention to, branding is one of the most important. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that branding helps your business differentiate its mission and products from that of competitors. If you are interested in learning how to build and promote your brand, the following strategies can be of great use to you:

Promotional Products
Promotional products are probably one of the most effective and simple ways to build and promote your brand. If you feel that your brand is currently unclear or non-existent, take the time to come up with attractive images and wording to represent your goods and products. Then, affix these images and words on promotional products such as coffee mugs, pencils, or t-shirts.

Become A Thought Leader
Although people will often listen to anyone, they are much more likely to listen to an expert. Since this is the case, becoming a thought leader (an individual who possesses extensive education and experience in a certain subject) can greatly help you as you build your brand. Thus rather than merely focusing on coming up with catchphrases that your prospective clients will like, you can help your brand look sophisticated and smart by showing the public you know all about the goods and products you’re selling them. In this way, you give your brand a definitive edge that is marked by its possession of savvy, informed leaders.

Professional Graphics and Logos
The use of professional graphics and logos will play an integral role in ensuring that your brand doesn’t appear to have an unclear or non-existent presence in the market. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that graphics and logos give your brand a definitive image that will likely stick in the mind of your prospective clients. Professional printing companies in Pittsburgh suggest that businesses try to incorporate the same color scheme in their logo, promotional products, and any other place it can be applied. By always using the same color or colors, you will make your company name and logo more recognizable and familiar to the public. The use of aesthetically appealing color schemes, mascots, and fonts is a great way to ensure that your customers can’t get your goods and products off their minds.

Create A Great Video
As many marketing experts know, videos have become one of the most effective ways for businesses to advertise the goods and services they offer. Additionally, creating a great video advertisement can be a great way for your business to build and promote your brand. In creating your video, be sure to include icons, logos, mottos, or images that have come to be associated with your company. Remember: YouTube currently reels in 1 billion unique visitors every month, so this is a brand-building and marketing opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Study Your Competitors
One of the best ways to build and promote your brand is to analyze what your competitors are doing. This is important because your biggest branding goal should be to create a unique, differentiated image for your company. For example, if you discover that your biggest competitor is known for using images of supple red lips to advertise its lip gloss, you should avoid these types of images in your own ads. By figuring out exactly what types of mottos, logos, and icons your competitors are using, you will know which aesthetics and wording to implement and which to run away from.

Although you may think building and promoting your brand is a difficult or impossible task, it doesn’t have to be. By implementing some or all of the strategies listed above, you can effectively market your business and see the continual growth and expansion that you want. Good luck!

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Jan 29

Elevate Your Brand With Kitchen Promotional Products

According to a 2009 report revealed by PPAI (Promotional Products and Association International), 91% of participants said that they had one promotional item in their kitchen and 50% among them could recollect the company’s name.

Instead of giving away the usual office supplies, focus on spreading your brand outside the work environment. This strategy of using kitchen products as promotional gifts will help your brand stand apart from your competitors.

Kitchen Products for Everyone

1. BBQ sets:
BBQ sets are products your clients can use at picnics, outings or even their own backyards. The perfectly grilled hotdogs and hamburgers will get your clients and their guests talking about your brand. You can choose your pick from the 4pc BBQ Set, BBQ 5-Piece Set and Sizzler 5-piece BBQ Set as they will not only make worthy gifts but will also proudly showoff your logo.

2. Pizza cutters:
With pizzas becoming popular among individuals of all age-groups, distributing pizza cutters such as Supreme Pizza Cut-it will be a good way to showcase your brand.

3. Magnets:
Magnets such as the Magnetic Memo Board, 4-Color Business Magnet 20 Mil and Rectangle 4 3/4 x 7 Magnet are useful gifts and a great way to showcase your company. They are cost-effective and available in several shapes, sizes and themes. Let your clients stick these on their refrigerators or wardrobes and thank you for giving them such thoughtful gifts.

4. Promotional Potholder:
A Potholder is ideal for holding hot kitchen utensils. You can buy it in bulk at prices that are cost-efficient. Distribute them and let them serve as mini billboards in your recipients’ kitchen.

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Jan 28

7 Reasons to Give Employee Recognition Awards

Most employers give recognition awards to their employees as a token of appreciation for their performance, dedication and achievements. Recognition awards can be presented to a particular employee for his/her outstanding contribution or can be given to a team, who has successfully met assigned targets.

A lot of business think a couple of times before launching employee recognition programs. They often think that it is a waste of money and will not yield anything productive. This is wrong. Featured below in this article are 7 reasons why you should give away awards. If you read them carefully, you will realize that most reasons overlap with each other. So go ahead and pamper your employee!

1.      Promotes Your Brand Name

Employee recognition awards work in same way as promotional products. They highlight your brand name and remind your recipients of your company name wherever they are displayed. So get your company name and logo imprinted on recognition awards. They will serve as ideal advertizing billboards for marketing campaigns. You can order these awards in bulk and avail discounts.

2.      Encourage Stronger Performances

Rewards generate motivation among employees, lead to job satisfaction and encourage them to perform better at the workplace. It encourages healthy competition among employees as every individual strives to do better. It increases productivity, which means higher profits for organizations.

3.      Retain Quality Employees

Due to economic upheaval around the world and greater attrition rates, employees often change their jobs and look out for better job opportunities. It has become difficult for employers to retain a pool of talent within the organization. In such circumstances, it is important to recognize the efforts of performing employees as it motivates them to remain loyal to the organization.

4.      Achieve Goals

It is easy for an organization to achieve long-term as well as short-term goals if its employees are motivated. A company that offers awards to its employees has a right mix of experienced and skilled individuals. This scenario is not seen in companies that ignore such reward schemes.

5.      Customer Satisfaction

Employees who are recognized by their employees are productive, less stressful and satisfied. This translates into greater customer satisfaction. If your customer care or sales representatives are happy then it reflects in their attitude and the way they interact with customers. It will help in retaining old customers while attracting new ones.

6.      Research Proves it

Recently, The Walt Disney World Resort started employee recognition awards for their employees. It lead to a 15% increase in employee satisfaction rate which was noted by immediate supervisors. The result showed higher customer satisfaction scores, strong willingness to return and increase in sales.

7.      Strengthen Relationship with Clients and Customers

Employee recognition gifts are classic gifts that will strengthen your relationship with customers and clients. It will help you connect with individuals and develop your business under a common roof in a way that is not possible in a board room.

Hope these 7 reasons convince you to go for recognition programs. So go ahead and place an order for trophies, plaques and other awards to inspire your employees and clients.

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