10 Tips To Lead A Stress-free Life

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There are a lot of people who experience stress-filled situations on a daily basis. Hectic deadlines at work, an argument within the family, a life-threatening health condition or an inability to pay bills can lead to stress in life. Stress can transform the strongest characters into caricatures of themselves.

The Secret Formula For The Perfect Viral Share

Take a close look at what’s shared on social media sites. You will notice that a good number of videos and images have been shared close to a million times. Have you ever wondered what goes into the making of viral video or image? This info graphic will explain

9 Features Every Intranet Must Have

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Intranet and internet sound very similar, right? That’s probably why a lot of people confuse both of them. But let’s make the difference clear upfront. An intranet is similar to a private internet system with access restricted to members of an organization. The Internet, on the other hand, represents

11 Tips To Transform Your Work Environment

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Wouldn’t it be great to have a work environment devoid of stress? Well, getting rid of stress may be a difficult job. But you can recreate a work environment to ensure it’s easier to withstand stress. This article will help you significantly boost productivity and inculcate the quality of

10 Tips To Become A Better Negotiator

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There is a hidden negotiator in all of us but most people don’t realize this. Who hasn’t bargained for better deals? Not all of us have good negotiation skills though. A true negotiator is like an artist. He is wily and ahead of the game. And at the end,

11 Business Lessons from Memorable Movie Quotes

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A good movie has the potential to inspire viewers to achieve greater things. Featured in this article are memorable quotes from popular movies. Use these quotes to boost the way you do business. “Do, or do not. There is no ‘try’.” – Star Wars Have a business strategy to

10 Must-Do’s For Business Leaders In 2015

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There are two types of business leaders. The first kind represents those who have witnessed significant success in their careers. They are a confident lot and the decisions they make are often met with respect and admiration. The second type represents those who have witnessed more failures than successes.

Preparing Yourself To Become A Thought Leader In Your Domain

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Thought leaders are a unique breed of business professionals who command the highest form of respect from stakeholders in your industry. They are often considered role models who help drive their organizations through great leadership and swift decision-making capabilities. Thought leaders are not born overnight. They are powered by

10 Tips To Become An Inspirational Leader

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An inspirational leader can drive his team from one success to another. He is capable of laying the foundation of the company for long-lasting growth. But there is a dearth of inspirational leaders. Most individuals in positions of leadership find it difficult to inspire and guide a team. This

All You Need To Know About Emotional Branding

“Consumers today not only want to be romanced by the brands they choose to bring into their lives, they absolutely want to establish a multifaceted holistic relationship with that brand, and this means they expect the brand to play a positive, proactive role in their lives.” -          Seth Godin