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7 Useful Survival Tips for Trade Show Attendees

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Trade shows are great for businesses! You get an opportunity to meet new customers & suppliers, interact with industry leaders and explore the latest products. If you’ve never been to a trade show, then we urge you to visit one soon! While fascinating and brimming with opportunities, trade shows

4 Tips To Ensure You Set Up The Right Trade Show Booth

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A lot of businesses don’t realize the importance of having the right trade show booth to highlight their services. Many booths are hastily done and don’t have the necessary visual appeal to attract visitors. If your goal is to shine at the next trade show, then you will have

Promotional Calendars: Branding Weapons That Last Through The Year!

As October approaches, it’s time to start marketing preparations to enter 2017 with a bang. The best way to ensure your marketing efforts shine all through 2017 is by opting for custom calendars! As you already know, calendars rank among the most popularly used giveaways! It is ideal to

9 Pointers To Make The Perfect Trade Show Appearance

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Experienced exhibitors rely on proven marketing techniques to make each trade show appearance a success. They devote considerable time, talent and financial resources to ensure that target customers approach their booths – the end-goal is to gain significant leads. Not every company excels at trade shows. A lot of

8 Tips To Help You Prepare for Your Next Trade Show

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Trade shows have helped businesses create awareness about their products and services for many years. A lot of companies enjoy setting up stalls at trade shows to reach out to their target audience. The number of leads gained through trade shows is invaluable, especially if you have planned everything

Tradeshows in USA in April 2016

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There are several trade shows in April that generate marketing opportunities for businesses. Many Promo Direct customers are all set to launch their marketing campaigns in April. We hope this infographic/table helps you in choosing the best trade show to promote your business. Get in touch with us to

Building Brand Recognition at Trade Shows – Infographic

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Trade shows offer an opportunity for businesses to enhance brand recognition, generate leads and promote the company in one location. In short, trade shows help reduce the sales cycle time! With thousands of businesses exhibiting in the trade show, it is important that you distribute a product that will

Top 10 Hot Tradeshow Giveaways

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The giveaways you choose to hand out at your next tradeshow will determine how well your booth performs at the event. You must choose promotional items that will serve as the perfect ambassadors of your brand, long after the recipient reaches home. The items you choose should be attractive

Make Your Brand a Success At Tradeshows With Promotional Sweets

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Promotional sweets as giveaways at tradeshows? Why not, sweets including chocolates, pretzels, gums, cookies etc, are well-received by individuals not only at tradeshows but also at conferences, product launches, sports events and more. And for those who don’t know, Wrigley’s distributed chewing gums as giveaways to advertise their product-

Tradeshows In New York – November 2011

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“…I’m going to the very heart of it!…New York…New York!” Yes, it’s the hub of everything American, everything business—New York! The city is a host to the largest and most prominent tradeshows in the U.S. If you want maximum national and global outreach for your business, here is a