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Jun 20 2013

9 Simple Steps To Build Brand Loyalty Through Social Media

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Brand loyalty is crucial for any business – it lays the foundation for a company’s success in the long run. It also ensures that a person purchases products or seeks the services of a particular company rather than going to competitors. In this article, we will explore how social media can be used to successfully target brand loyalty:

1. Advertise less and engage more with your followers/customers

For advertising purposes, you can opt for PPC campaigns and ads. Use social media to build an aura around your business. Make engaging posts that enthrall readers and keep them hooked. Share interesting anecdotes about your company so that your followers are able to establish a strong connect with your company.

2. Show that you really care about the page

If you are not active on your page, you risk losing out on a lot of goodwill. Ensure that there is regular communication with followers and give timely responses to queries. Make posts on a regular basis and provide customers with information they will find useful.

3. Showcase your expertise

As the representative of your business, you will be considered an expert in your field. Give helpful tips related to your domain and be a guiding light for those seeking help. A page that provides value to followers will gain their respect and loyalty.

4. Nurture business relationships

Interaction on your social media site will give you the opportunity to identify individuals who are serious about your business. Be a patient listener and listen to their needs. Provide them with offers and discounts on a regular basis.

5. Provide quality customer support

Launch customer support for your business on your social media profile. Provide followers with an avenue to raise their queries and address them in a timely fashion. Quality Customer Support interaction via social media is considered more effective than telephonic conversations, thanks to the real-time updates.

6. Seek reviews

How are your products and services perceived by customers? Seek regular feedback – conduct polls and surveys to gain fascinating insight on what people think about your products. Use the feedback to further boost your services.

7. Never shout at followers

You may be under a lot of stress from followers but that doesn’t give you the right to be rude to them. Always maintain a dignified approach and remain calm in all situations. Your followers will appreciate your approach.

8. Provide quality customer support

Launch customer support for your business on your social media profile. Provide followers with an avenue to raise their queries and address them in a timely fashion. Quality Customer Support interaction via social media is considered more effective than telephonic conversations, thanks to the real-time updates.

9. Reward active followers

It is easy to find the most active followers on your page by monitoring the likes, shares and comments received for your posts. Reach out to them and reward them for their contributions to your social media profile. This will encourage them – making them feel special and closer to your brand.

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Dec 05 2012

Discovering Pinterest With 5 Interesting Facts

The past year has witnessed a flurry of activity on Pinterest, the social photo sharing site that has captured the hearts of users all over the world. In an Internet-era ruled by sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest has done mighty well for itself since its introduction in 2010.

Here we look at 5 facts that underline its reputation as the world’s fastest growing social site.

Fact #1 – The Beginning: Pinterest had a humble beginning. Work on developing Pinterest took off in December 2009 and by the first half of 2010, a beta version of the site was operational. Co-founder Ben Silbermann personally wrote and demonstrated his site to the first 5000 members. In a couple of months, the site’s members more than doubled.

All this while, Silbermann ran his company from an apartment that housed a few of his programmers.

Fact #2 – The Recognition: In its early days, Pinterest received a lot of positive attention from far and wide. This helped to boost its reputation as a force to reckon with in the online world. For example, Pinterest was ranked 38 in Time’s 2011 list of ’50 Websites That Make the Web Great’. Another worthy mention is a survey conducted by Experian Marketing Services in early-2012. It revealed that Pinterest was behind only Facebook and Twitter in terms of popularity, beating LinkedIn for the 3rd spot.

Fact #3 – The Consistency: A problem with start-ups is that visitor interest often dies down quickly after a couple of months. No such thing with Pinterest though. The photo-sharing site has gone from strength to strength, breaking new records on its way to establishing itself in the online world.

In February 2012, Pinterest became the fastest to 10 million monthly unique visits in the US. In July, Pinterest had a whopping 23 million unique visitors and continues to draw in valuable traffic.

Fact #4 – The Referrals: A survey by Shareaholic in June 2012 revealed that Pinterest brought more referral traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Youtube. A remarkable feat for a company that is barely two years old.

Fact #5 – The User-friendliness: A picture is worth a thousand words! Pinterest’s biggest USP is its visually communicative medium. The easy-to-understand layout ensures that Pinterest users can share images simply by pinning them. Unlike Facebook, Pinterest is picture-friendly and focuses less on words. No wonder retailers prefer Pinterest for e-commerce activities.

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Jul 23 2012

Facebook in collaboration with Washington State for next elections!

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Microsoft has built an app for Washington voters to register their vote on most used social networking site, The Facebook.

Facebook, in alliance with Microsoft approached Washington State worked together to bring in a new online registration application. Washington will soon be known the very first state in the USA to bring in online registration via a social media site.

This application will be launched soon.
This application will derive basic information of the voter from Facebook with which applicants can reach the voting portal on Facebook that opens in a box.

Shane Hamlin, the State election coordinator says.

“Even though you’re on a Facebook page, the information you provide to us isn’t going through them. He further added. “They’re not collecting it and giving it to us, you’re interacting directly with us, but in a frame that is Facebook’s – and you get to us through Facebook.”

Although this process appears trendy and convenient not everyone is keen or enthusiastic about the same.

On the other hand, people have often seen Obama busy thumbing messages in his blackberry while rallies and campaigns. He shrewdly understands the electrical power of the web, especially on social media sites.

This had definitely taken Facebook to a much superior level amongst other social networking sites. Hence, small companies can now start applying new online tactics and pull more business through Facebook. With a 125 million active Facebook users in USA itself, once can analyze how much a business can bloom and mint dollars in today competitive business world. With a figure of 1,564,940 number of Facebook users, stats says that majority of these users are between the age group of 21-35 years.
Having such stats we can state the elections in Washington through Facebook will create a new history.

Other may click the below mentioned path.

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Oct 11 2011

Why Are We On Google+ When Google Top Management Isn’t?!

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The first principle of marketing is that you market what you believe in and what you use yourself. Michael DeGusta recently did an analysis of Google+ and how frequently the senior management at Google uses it. The statistics are shocking because no one would expect the web giant to be so presumptuous about its own offering.

Let’s start right at the top of the hierarchy. Whereas Zuckerberg spends all day on Facebook and Twitter CEO tweets up to even 30 times a day, stats show that since the launch of Google+ in June 2011, Google CEO, Larry Page, has only put up 7 public posts till now.

Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt can’t even claim to that number–he has never posted at all! Several board members have never posted at all either. So much for being leaders!

Of the 6 SVPs, 4 have not posted since August and between them they have only 9 posts in all!

Out of the 18 senior most people who oversee Google, 11 haven’t even joined or have never posted even once, while 5 have hardly used Google+ at all.

With such statistics, one wonders—if Google management does not like or use its own product, should we?! The product simply did not look convincing enough right from the start…a quasi-Facebook attempt, and though it had some features which gave us some hope that Facebook might finally have something to contend with, people just weren’t convinced enough about Google+. Now that we know Google’s top management isn’t either, we know we were right all along!

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Sep 29 2011

Facebook Set To Change User Experience…Again!

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Facebook is out to give Google Plus a run for its money….once more!! An overhaul of user profiles is in the offing which is beyond anything Facebook has done so far.

What is going to go–

–The single column wall post display will go for good!

–No more divided panels of Facebook profile pages

–No more scratching your head over how to view what a friend was doing a few years ago, what he/she looked like, etc.

What you will see–

–A lineup of tiles that exhibit status updates, photos, links, videos, etc., in a dual column arrangement

–A wide open space at the top of your profile where you can post your favorite image—it’s all about you!

Tunnel into history–

–Browsing posts and updates from anything more than a few months ago is tedious and near impossible on the current Facebook chronological structure

–A virtual timeline on your profile allows anyone clicking on it to go back to any year and view updates or content

Dynamic history–

–FB timeline will allow you to insert events, pictures, etc., for events you missed in the past but wanted to share

Apps galore—

–On viewing your timeline profile, friends can look at a set of new apps through which they get to know which movies you go to, which songs you love, or even your favorite activities

Works great on mobile as well as on desktop–

–It adapts well to mobile devices and their respective screen sizes and looks just as good as on desktops.

Access coming soon for all–

–Right now developers can get access by signing up. However, Facebook is going to launch it for the common user over the next weeks too!

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