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12 Brands Popular For Their Promotional Apparel

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This article introduces you to the promotional apparel brands popular in the promotional industry. Go through the list below and you will notice a lot of familiar brands. You will also notice trendy brands you may not have heard of before! These brands have a fan following among our

All You Need To Know About Styluses

For the last couple of years, styluses have grown in popularity as marketing tools. This popularity can be linked to the rapid rise of digital devices around the world. At Promo Direct, we take pride in offering some of the finest styluses available online. The purpose of this article

10 Creative USB Flash Drives To Choose From!

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A flash drive is a handy giveaway that can be used at work or home. They are compact, easy to carry around and economically priced as marketing tools. Businesses investing in flash drives can rely on them for quality ROI that lasts years! Look around and you will see

Getting Acquainted With The 7 Types Of Plastic

You have probably read about plastic and the negative impact it can have on your health and the environment. Thousands of articles have been devoted to highlighting the side effects of using plastic in our daily lives. Look around and you will still see plastic items being used in

Promotional Calendars: Branding Weapons That Last Through The Year!

As October approaches, it’s time to start marketing preparations to enter 2017 with a bang. The best way to ensure your marketing efforts shine all through 2017 is by opting for custom calendars! As you already know, calendars rank among the most popularly used giveaways! It is ideal to

All You Need To Know About Shaker Bottles

We receive a lot of requests for information on our range of drinkwares. And when we talk about them, we realized that a lot of people are not aware of shaker bottles. So this article is dedicated to making you more familiar with the health-oriented shaker bottle. Shaker bottles:

8 Halloween Marketing Ideas For Employees & Customers

The entire nation is looking forward to Halloween on October 31st! Kids and families are going to have a lot of fun by taking part in costume parties and other Halloween-themed events. Retail stores will make sure they are well stocked with Halloween goodies for everyone! Just like every

All You Need To Know About Imprints And Imprint Areas

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A lot of first-time buyers contacting us for promotional products are often confused about imprints. They understand that an imprint represents their logo on a product personalized by us. But their understanding of imprints is limited, which sometimes prevents them from providing proper artwork necessary for a particular product.

10 Light Up Promotional Products To Imprint Your Logo On

It’s time to highlight your brand in a special way! It’s time to use light up promotional items to ensure your brand glows with pride! The products featured here are good-looking, useful and offer high visual appeal. All these products are unique and serve a different purpose. Choose a

All That You Need to Know About Power Banks

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Power banks are great promotional gifts for employees, customers, and business partners. A power bank has a high-perceived value and serves as the perfect reminder of your brand. The purpose of this article is to help you make an informed buying decision while shopping for power banks. The information