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Jul 23 2012

Facebook in collaboration with Washington State for next elections!

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Microsoft has built an app for Washington voters to register their vote on most used social networking site, The Facebook.

Facebook, in alliance with Microsoft approached Washington State worked together to bring in a new online registration application. Washington will soon be known the very first state in the USA to bring in online registration via a social media site.

This application will be launched soon.
This application will derive basic information of the voter from Facebook with which applicants can reach the voting portal on Facebook that opens in a box.

Shane Hamlin, the State election coordinator says.

“Even though you’re on a Facebook page, the information you provide to us isn’t going through them. He further added. “They’re not collecting it and giving it to us, you’re interacting directly with us, but in a frame that is Facebook’s – and you get to us through Facebook.”

Although this process appears trendy and convenient not everyone is keen or enthusiastic about the same.

On the other hand, people have often seen Obama busy thumbing messages in his blackberry while rallies and campaigns. He shrewdly understands the electrical power of the web, especially on social media sites.

This had definitely taken Facebook to a much superior level amongst other social networking sites. Hence, small companies can now start applying new online tactics and pull more business through Facebook. With a 125 million active Facebook users in USA itself, once can analyze how much a business can bloom and mint dollars in today competitive business world. With a figure of 1,564,940 number of Facebook users, stats says that majority of these users are between the age group of 21-35 years.
Having such stats we can state the elections in Washington through Facebook will create a new history.

Other may click the below mentioned path.

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Jul 09 2012

7th Wimbledon title owner Roger Federer

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We have and will always respect the Swiss tennis ace Roger Federer, for creating a history in the world of Tennis!

He once again has proved himself on the Tennis Court and of course to the world of his passion towards the game and his faith in himself.
This achievement is his 7th Career title at Wimbledon, the 17th major of his career, the first in 2 ½ years. Wow! These scores give such an honor to any Champion.
It was such an awestruck moment on the court to see Andy Murray pick the microphone to speak about his most honorable defeat. A Defeat, but with best offered on the court.

Belief is the most fragile little thing. It often takes one little crack to destroy it.
But, if your belief determines your action, you will see your action determines your results and with that we can beyond doubt reach our dreams.

Our team at PromoDirect takes pride in Congratulating Roger for such a remarkable achievement and for giving tennis a Real Hero.

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Mar 12 2012

Amazon Launches Sports Memorabilia Store

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If you are a die-hard fan of sports, here is some good news for you! Amazon has added sports memorabilia to its gargantuan online store. This was announced recently. The Amazon store will have more than two million licensed items in its Sports Collectibles Store. Many top sports companies like NFL, NBA, FIFA, including Major League Baseball will showcase their sports items on this store. Shoppers can search and sort items by sport, team, type of item, price, and year. The items include trading cards, autographed apparel, game-worn jerseys and tickets stubs which are most popular among the sports lovers.

Amazon's New Memorabilia Store

Amazon says it will take great take care to validate the quality and authenticity of the items in its store so that its buyers can be assured of the originality of the items they buy. For this they will go so far as to get conditional ratings from memorabilia authorities such as Professional Sports Authenticator, Beckett Grading Services, and James Spence Authentication.

Peter Faricy, VP Amazon Marketplace, concluded in an official statement that Amazon would provide its a-to-z Guarantee protection on all purchases to prioritize authenticated selection.

Babe_Ruth_autographed_baseball_amazon_storeFans can get items depending upon their budget. For high-end memorabilia they can pick up a Babe Ruth autographed baseball for a nice chunk of $46,434.95 or for a low-budget item that still has great start value, they can pick up Dennis Rodman basketball cards for just $14.99. There’s something for everyone.

Dan Jamieson, CEO of Icons, a FIFA-licensed memorabilia company, expressed a positive note about the new venture of Amazon and concluded that it would be interesting and beneficial for both vendors and buyers of sports items.

Jamieson, in a delighted mood, also said, “This is a big deal for us and our customers because Amazon provides a great opportunity for Icons to reach millions of soccer fans in an easy way and serve them with high quality, unique, genuinely hand-signed items.”

All-in-all this new memorabilia store is ready to become the buzz among sports fans. This is going to be another popular platform where sports fans can find some unique collectibles they always wanted. This store will bring to life many dreams and aspirations of sports lovers everywhere.

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Feb 24 2012

Obama To Give Startups Tax Breaks & Easier IPOs

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Boosting the morale of entrepreneurs, the Obama Administration is making funding easy for business start-ups by introducing various Tax breaks and also making it easier for IPOs.

The idea behind the proposal is to make funding small businesses with start-up capital more attractive. By doing away with taxes on capital gains on investments this will happen easily. In addition, it would also increase the amount of money that will not need to be routed through SEC registration from $5 million a year to $50 million. This proposal is going to be part of Obama’s 2013 budget plan.

A few other highlights of the proposal

  • Tax reduction on startup expenses
  • A policy that will allow businesses to deduct cost of equipment and software
  • Grow the Government small business investment program by $1 billion

Addressing The Associated Press, director of the White House National Economic Council, Gene Sperling said that the Obama administration is aware of how much small and new businesses drive job growth in the national economy; leveraging on these new business starters by certain federal supports like tax breaks is the most logical aspect that is being practiced.

Sperling further informed the AP, “Our small business agenda has a specific focus on removing the barriers that have for too long blocked startups and entrepreneurs from getting the financing they need to accelerate their growth and hiring.” While some welcomed the policy, some think making public funding by relaxing regulations would be prone to fraud.

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Feb 16 2012

Should The U.S. Extend Its Helping Hand To The World

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The ongoing economic threat has pushed America to reconsider its worldwide financial aid when things at home front are looking bleak. Many believe that the Federal Government should take cognizance of the fact that economic hardships are growing for Americans and home issues should top the priority list for any policy formulation. However, looking at history, it was never in the American spirit to ignore things even at the darkest hour, even in times like the Great Depression or economic struggle that would otherwise affect general life. The American spirit of courage, sacrifice, and passion to bring a change has always won and survived the onslaught of economic turmoil.

Fact is that you can help others when you yourself are strong enough to survive. Is US fit to help others? With an unemployment-rate of 9.2 percent in June 2011, and the Great Recession in 2008 unemployment is still a massive problem. The Federal Government’s unemployment benefit schemes are just a Band-Aid and no lasting solution to the problem. The ever-growing trade deficit is a perennial concern along with the surging Chinese economy. Moreover, the valuation of Chinese currency (kept artificially low) is further affecting the American Dollar. With all this going on, critics believe America should hold back its humanitarian aid to the world.

It is worth mentioning that even with the global economic crisis, an average American still has a better lifestyle than his counterpart anywhere else in the world. People in third world countries and in Africa still don’t have access to basic amenities like pure drinking water, proper education and still fighting with diseases that have a cure. The counter-argument is that helping others is not all about resources. All it takes is courage, sacrifice, and a solemn obligation towards building a bigger community. The American dream is characterized by equality, freedom of living, and upliftment of communities worldwide.

However, there is another school of thought—one that believes the world is no longer taken in by American philanthropy and there are countries which don’t like America meddling in their internal affairs. This faction says that instead of trying to help others, America should focus on its own affairs.

These debates are never-ending. We just wait and watch—how much of these donations will affect the home economy and will the US economy improve with the immediate suspension of these aids?

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