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15 Tips To Beat Monday Blues

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Monday is easily the most hated day of the week! A lot of employees hesitate returning to work after having spent a quality weekend with family and friends. Do you suffer from a case of Monday blues as well? Just follow the steps in this article to make every

8 Tips To Fight Depression At Work

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Millions of people around the world suffer from a form of depression. This mental condition is capable of wreaking havoc in the lives of sufferers and people close to them. While most forms of depression originate from personal problems, a good percentage of sufferers have depression that has work-related

10 Must-See Documentaries For Budding Entrepreneurs

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Every year, several dozens of documentaries are produced around the world. Some of them are brilliant while others are mediocre. Most of these documentaries rarely reach the realm of the common public. It’s a pity because there are several inspirational documentaries that deserve to be watched. We have prepared a

8 Inspirational Books We Recommend For Entrepreneurs

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We live in a digital era dominated by the Internet. Everything you seek is only a click away on your smartphone! Printed books, however, still haven’t lost their charm. A visit to the nearest bookstore is proof of this. You will find books with attractive covers – neatly arranged

11 Characteristics Shared By Successful Entrepreneurs

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There are thousands of successful entrepreneurs in the world today. These people have achieved success through years of hard work and commitment. Each of these people has a success story to share with the world. All of them have taken different routes to reach where they are today. But

15 Inspiring Quotes To Begin 2015 With A Bang!

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A lot of us look forward to 2015 with renewed hope for the future. Some people look forward to a secure job while others hope to build stronger bonds with family and friends. Many people are armed with elaborate resolutions, hoping to honor them and turn a new leaf

10 Tips To Lead A Stress-free Life

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There are a lot of people who experience stress-filled situations on a daily basis. Hectic deadlines at work, an argument within the family, a life-threatening health condition or an inability to pay bills can lead to stress in life. Stress can transform the strongest characters into caricatures of themselves.

December 2014, Holidays and Observances in USA

December is finally here! It’s time to launch a final marketing campaign for the year. Here are some pointers to help you with your marketing campaign in December: Show the humane side of your business by observing Universal Human Rights Month. Use giveaways to gain goodwill for your brand!