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Apr 11 2014

Let This Easter Be Special For Your Customers And Employees

Easter Sunday is just around the corner! Have you thought about using this special occasion to highlight your brand? People often associate cheery and fun memories with Easter. By choosing Easter to highlight your brand, you will be able to draw quality goodwill to your business.

Here is an interesting insight on Easter from the National Confectioners Association: 82.5% of individuals like receiving candies/chocolates while 72.9% prefer non-edible items such as books, crayons and stuffed animals as promotional gifts.*

The team at Promo Direct has made things easier for you by picking the top 5 Easter giveaways chosen by our buyers. Hope you like this list!

1. Fitness is Fun Coloring Book
These 16-page coloring books are great giveaways for children. They feature great story lines on health. They also include exciting games that will keep kids hooked!

2. Candy Roll
Share the joy of Easter by giving away candy rolls to your customers. This product comes with 11 individual candies , each with a unique flavor.

3. Celebration Tote Bag
They are lightweight, tear-resistant, water-resistant and made to last longer. Let your recipients carry them along at shopping malls, beaches and picnics so that your brand gets highlighted all over town!

4. Buster Bear
Made of soft plush material, Buster Bears will make cute gifts for individuals of all age groups. Impress your customers by giving away these stuffed toys!

5. Mug Gift Bag with Starlite Mints
Delight your customers by giving them this sweet goody bag of surprises. It contains starlite mints and can be imprinted with your logo or slogan.

For more gift ideas, log on to our website Do let us know if you liked our products. Happy Easter!


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Apr 11 2014

Holidays and Observances in USA – May 2014

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Apr 07 2014

Market Your Brand More Effectively With Stress Balls

Stress balls help people to get rid of tension, anxiety and depression while making them feel better and lighter. They can also be used to increase concentration while developing a better grip. These stress balls are also beneficial for individuals suffering from arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome as they provide quality exercises for the fingers and wrist.

Custom stress balls are becoming popular in offices, health centers and educational institutions. These products will make your marketing campaign stand out from the rest.

Featured in this article are some stress relievers offered by Promo Direct:

1. Promo Stress Balls:- These stress balls are made of soft poly-foam. They are perfect to show your customers and employees that you care for their well-being.

2. Earth Stress Reliever:- Help your customers lead a quality life by giving them these unique stress relievers. They are made of squeezable polyurethane material and are perfect for the travel industry.

3. Golf Ball Stress Reliever:- Made of polyurethane foam, these stress balls are ideal for sports clubs and golf outings. They tone hands and wrist muscles, and provide relief from stress.

4. Colored Stress Ball:- These classic stress balls are available in several colors and are perfect for tradeshows, conferences and campaign drives.

5. Basketball Shape Stress Ball:- These basketball-shaped stress relievers are trendy looking and can be used as the perfect sports giveaways.

Stress balls can also be given away to show your support for causes such as Earth day, cancer awareness and anti-smoking campaigns. Browse our website to find out other varieties and contact our experts to get them tailored as per your requirement!

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Apr 04 2014

16 Most Productive Ways to Spend Time On The Internet

The Internet is a huge powerhouse of knowledge and a majority of people across the globe already spend significant time online. Although, it gives us exceptional power to learn and understand new things, it also provides us with an opportunity to distract ourselves. If you can discipline yourself, you can harness the power of Internet efficiently.

So here are some websites that should be part of your favorites. Count on them to make your time spent online as productive as possible.

1. : This free multi-lingual encyclopedia is probably the best thing that has ever happened to individuals online. Type in Google the name of a famous personality, city or historical milestone and voila, a wiki link will be among the first that shows up!

2. : If you are an avid reader, then this is the place you will love to visit very often. It is a virtual bookshelf in itself.

3. Log onto this website to find out amazing facts each day.

4. It is a subsidiary unit of Discovery communications and has comprehensive information on varied topics such as Adventure, Automobiles, Culture, Money, Science and more.

5. This is a non-profit website that supports the United Nations World Food Program. Here you can do your bit by taking up a vocab challenge. With every right answer, you would be donating 10 grams of rice to needy individuals.

6. This is a simple online tool using which can be used to test your brain’s potential. Take the test and make your brain sharper, smarter and intelligent.

7. : is the biggest platform where you can share ideas and gain knowledge from a wide spectrum right from science and business to international issues. You can watch conferences, talks and shows of famous personalities.

8. Find out different ways to make your life happier and stress free.

9. If you are a software developer, this site will provide you with a wealth of information on software codes, troubleshooting and ideas. It is a free website and you don’t have to register to access the website.

10. Here you will find a huge collection of poems by famous poets from all over the world.

11. This tool will help improve your reading and understanding skills.

12. Find some great quality classic literature on this website for free. Simply select the book, download and read!

13. Instead of playing online card or racing games, go for this highly educational game. It will help improve your memory and math concepts.

14. This is an educational website that collaborates with the top universities of the world and allows you to take the best courses online and that too for free!

15. Love listening music? Then, enjoy live streaming music and let groove with the beats of your favorite genre instantly.

16. This movie database will provide you with interesting insights into a wide range of movies belonging to different regions of the world. If you are into movies, then the trivia, reviews and boards on this site are for you!

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Aug 22 2010

5 Questions Small Businesses Should Determine Before Commencing

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If you are thinking to start a new business, you might have also thought of determining a business plan. It is important to set up a focused business plan to attain an overall picture of what needs to be done next. Every successful organization crafts a strong base of planning before execution. So can you; by answering 5 simple questions to yourself.

Following are 5 questions you should determine before commencing your small business:
  • Who are we?

Determine your company’s individuality clearly. This will help you establish an accurate direction for the future and will also signify your current boundaries and limitations.

  • What are we offering?

Conduct a research on current market trends and only then determine what exactly you are going to offer people. This will help you understand what your target audience needs and establish unique selling points for your products or services.

  • When will we break even?

It is extremely important to predict when your profits could start flowing in. Will your products or services bring in enough revenue to break even within the estimated time phase? Think of ways to minimize expenses and maximize revenues.

  • Why are we needed?

Determine why your products or services are needed. Explain how your enterprise would change things and how would those changes benefit your business. These answers might particularly be important for your investors too.

  • How to market our business?

Your sales and marketing initiatives must be planned skillfully and carefully. If you intend to spend less, we suggest you to giveaway promotional products to perspective customers. It is perhaps one of the most inexpensive yet effective ways to market new small businesses.

For more business marketing and branding tips, visit our new section of ‘Promotional Ideas’.

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