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Nov 28 2013

Associating Christmas’ Spirit of Giving With Promotional Giveaways

Christmas is often associated with the spirit of giving. Every year, people give and receive gifts from their love ones – a tradition they have been following from their childhood. This year will be no different. While they shop for their families and friends, they will also be looking forward to receive some exciting gifts. Why don’t you take advantage of this fact and do some memorable marketing for your campaign?


Here is what you should do. Choose any of the giveaways from the list mentioned below and have them personalized with your logo and message. Send them across to your customers or employees and let them remember your business wherever they are.

1. Winter Lights Greeting Card: This beautiful looking card will capture the imagination of people associated with your business. Starting for as low as $.92, these cards are economical and visually appealing as giveaways.

2. Buttermints Pouch Bags: Use these sweets to leave a lasting impression on your marketing campaign. These sweets will assure you win the hearts of your recipients in quick time.

3. Glass Set: Featuring 4 quality glasses, this product comes along with a free “Thank You” gift box. These glasses can be used at any occasion and is ideal as business gifts.

4. A “Murphy’s” Christmas Greeting Card: This greeting card is a delight to look at and will do a good job of highlighting your brand. The image on the front is quite appealing!

Apart from the items mentioned above, you can also check out our Calendar section for a range of quality giveaways. And here’s wishing you the very best for the Christmas season!

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Nov 19 2013

Using The Great American Smokeout To Launch An Effective Marketing Campaign

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The number of smokers in America has dwindled over the last couple of years and stands at 21% in 2011-12, down from 25% in 2001-05. Recent research has shown that people are able to kick the habit with the help of active support and counseling.

The American Cancer Society is in the forefront of anti-smoking campaigns and it’s their efforts that have helped witness a reduction in the number of smokers. The organization has launched the Great American Smokeout, which falls on the third Thursday of November each year. In 2013, the Great American Smokeout will be observed on November 21.

Why not join this special occasion to launch a worthwhile marketing campaign? Get your logo and message imprinted on anti-smoking giveaways and help fight the disastrous consequences of smoking. By associating your brand with such a cause, you stand to gain the goodwill of people in the local community.

You can have your logo and message imprinted on awareness bracelets and have them distributed among employees and customers. The bracelets available with Promo Direct come in a variety of colors and sizes. They are trendy enough to be worn around.

You could also give out educational books such as the Pocket Slider – Quit Smoking and Pocket Slider – Risks of Smoking and Tobacco. They feature quality content and will help users make informative decisions about their smoking habits.

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Oct 31 2013

8 Popular Growth Hacking Techniques For Your Business

You have probably heard the marketing concept Growth Hacking being discussed a lot these days. For those who are not aware, Growth Hacking is smart marketing that involves a mixture of social metrics, creativity and analytical thinking.

Hugely beneficial for startups, the concept allows companies to focus on growth and the ensuing monetary benefits while worrying about budgets later.

Neil Patel, the Seattle-based entrepreneur has said that the primary focus of Growth Hackers would be to Pull (“give them a reason to come to you”), Push (“find people online and push them towards your product”) and Product (“everyone that uses the product gets more people to use the product”).

Featured below are 10 Growth Hacking techniques that will be beneficial for businesses:

1. Viral Loop: Among the most effective Growth Hacking methods, a Viral Loop is when a viral coefficient of 1 is achieved. This means that a person who comes across a product or service shares it with a minimum of one person atleast.

2. Focus on Organic Search: Leverage the power of On-page and Off-page SEO to get your website high for search engine results. When you drive traffic to your site, make sure there is a Call-To-Action waiting for them to act upon.

3. Blogging: Create articles that can go viral with ease. You could write on Top 10 lists or provide useful tips for online users in your domain.

4. Share Content: If your target audience doesn’t come to you, make sure you reach out to them! Share content related to your site on external links such as Reddit and Quora.

5. Optimize Landing Pages: When you are successful in getting people to reach your landing pages, you should make sure that they don’t leave without signing up for your services or buying your products. Be aggressive with the CTA on the landing page.

6. Social Campaigns: Concentrate on sharing engaging content on sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Win the trust of your followers and make sure they convert into meaningful business for your website.

7. Paid Search: It takes time to learn how to wisely invest in tools such as Google AdSense. But when you master it, you will be able to convert clicks into meaningful business while spending less on paid search.

8. Referral Campaigns: Launch campaigns that will reward existing customers who bring in more business. You could run a “Refer a friend and get a $25 coupon absolutely free!” campaign. Come up with something creatie.

You could also do a press release or get an endorsement from an expert authority in your domain. Just make sure that whatever you do to gain quick business falls within accepted ethical practices. All the best!

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Sep 25 2013

Exploring The Different Channels To Boost Brand Recall

Promo Direct, a USA-based promotional products company, had conducted a survey to arrive at the most popular media channels used by business owners. Television/Print Media was voted the most popular media channel with 59% of votes. Promotional Products, came in a surprising second with 28%, ahead of Radio Advertising and Billboard Advertising.

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Aug 23 2013

Celebrating Labor Day With Giveaways!

December 28, 1869 is a date most of us will not remember. But it does have significance in American history. The first ever Labor Day was celebrated on this date by the Knights of Labor, a secret society that featured Pennsylvanian tailors.

The American Federation of Labor resolved in 1884 to observe the first Monday in September as National Labor Day and also to designate it as a federal holiday. September 2, 2013 is when Lab.

Labor Day also has some other highlights. It signals the end of summer and Americans returning from their vacations. If you represent a company or institution, you should use Labor Day to highlight your products, services or cause.

Here are some promotional giveaway ideas for coming Labor Day:

Barbeque items: A lot of people host barbeque hangouts during Labor Day. Why not give away barbeque accessories such as the 10-Piece BBQ Set, the 4pc BBQ Set or the Grill Master Traditional BBQ Set? Your recipients will find them useful!

Patriotic items: Add a touch of patriotism to your marketing campaign with items featuring the American flag. You could go for stress relievers such as the Patriotic Stress Ball or the Soldier Mad Cap Stress Reliever. You could also check out the Patriotic Non Woven Tote, which features excellent imprint area for your logo along with an image of the American flag.

Pens: Pens are items that can be given away almost any time of the year. You could go for inexpensive pens such as the Bic® Clic Stic, Bic® Round Stic or Bic® Grip Roller. You could also go for elegant giveaways such as the Luxe Encore Pen Set, Two – Tone Ballpoint & Roller Gift Set or Luxe Bravado Pen Set.

You could also give out t-shirts, mugs and document holders as giveaways on Labor Day. All the best with your campaign!

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