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Stats & Facts About St. Patrick’s Day – Ingfographic

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St. Patrick’s Day is Ireland’s national holiday and is observed on March 17 each year. The Irish festival celebrates the life and death of Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick and is one of the biggest drinking days in the world. You can see rallies of people dressed in green

7 Tips for an Efficient Video Marketing Strategy

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Most businesses realize the importance of videos as a potent marketing channel. And they are willing to spend resources on making promotional videos. Unfortunately, most videos are amateurishly made because not much planning went into how the video will serve the business. This article will provide you with the

8 Stress Relieving Products For Your Marketing Campaigns

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  It’s difficult to find employees who don’t face some form of stress at work. How well are employees or colleagues at your office coping with stress? Are they able to handle it well and rise above expectations? This article features a list of stress relieving products that can

Celebrate American Heart Month with Red Promotional Products

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Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women and claims nearly 500,000 lives every year. It is estimated that 43 million American women are affected by cardiovascular diseases. And thankfully, 80% of cardiac events in women can be prevented simply by making some lifestyle changes! Seeing this,

4 Steps To Make New Year’s Resolutions For Your Business

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We have finally entered 2017! Most people are eager to know what the new year holds for them. Many have made resolutions and hope to make huge strides in realizing their goals. As you already know, resolutions are hard to keep, people struggle to stick to them beyond a

Preparing Your Business For The Launch Of A Store Or Brand

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The launch of a store or brand is a huge moment for everyone involved. This is because months or years are devoted to ensuring that a venture sees the light of day. It goes without saying that a new venture deserves a grand opening to ensure people sit up

Why a CRM is Essential for your B2B Marketing Efforts?

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B2B sales processes are time-consuming and take a lot of effort to bear fruit. This is because customer relationships need a lot of nourishment. Unlike B2C, the target audience in B2B marketing is limited and doesn’t get swayed easily by marketing talk. A B2B lead is usually converted after

8 Straightforward Tips To Increase Brand Loyalty

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Taking the leap from being an ordinary service provider to one that is in high demand takes a lot of effort and determination! Do you have clients who have been loyal to your brand for years? If your answer is yes, then you should consider yourself lucky! Not many

6 Tips To Boost Your Holiday Marketing Efforts

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The holidays provide businesses with ample opportunities to reach out to customers. It’s the time when all your competitors will be rolling out something special to snatch your customers! You will have to think extra hard to retain your customers while gaining new ones. This article makes things easier

How Creative Imprints Convert Giveaways Into Excellent Marketing Tools!

A giveaway without a personalized imprint is like a person without a soul! Sound dramatic? Well, the analogy is certainly right to an extent. A giveaway without your logo or message doesn’t have an identity. It’s just like any other product available in the market. Personalized giveaways, on the