8 Giveaways To Show Appreciation To Teachers

Teachers easily rank among the most respected individuals in society today. They serve as the perfect bridge to help young minds fulfill their potential. Many businesses regularly invest in giveaways aimed at teachers. Their main focus is to use the high visibility offered by teachers to a brand’s advantage.

How many schools are there in your area? Why not invest in some giveaways that can be distributed among teachers and students? These giveaways will earn you a lot of goodwill and business among the local community.

May is the perfect time to recognize teachers!

The month of May witnesses a lot of activity aimed at teachers. Did you know that the first week of May is celebrated as National Teachers Appreciation Week? Or that the first Tuesday of May is celebrated as National Teachers Appreciation Day?

Use these occasions to celebrate the contribution of teachers to society. You can also distribute giveaways irrespective of whether it’s the month of May or not. After all, teachers ought to be celebrated throughout the year!

Featured below are 8 products teachers will love to own. You will also find them irresistible as marketing giveaways!

  1. Desk in a Box : This product comes with handy office items such as a stapler, paper clips, staples, rubber bands, transparent tape and sticky notes. All these handy essentials come in a spacious box. Its compact size ensures it can fit easily in a purse or bag.desk in box
  2. Post-It® Notes Cube 345 Sheets: Featuring 345 sheets, this product from Post-It will have the same design on all 4 sides. It is the perfect product to help people stay organized at schools.
  3. Standard Paper Binder: These high quality binders are perfect as presentation material for media or promotional kits. They can also be used by teachers to secure documents. It is a beautiful product with a colorful design. You can choose to imprint your logo and choice of design on the entire surface area.
  4. Simplex Flexible Binder : Made of matte finish polypropylene, these binders are economical, lightweight and durable. They are great to carry around and will be appreciated by recipients.
  5. Apple Shape Stress Ball: These apple-shaped stress relievers will help recipients stay calm at work and home. It is made of soft polyfoam and helps tone hand muscles. Distribute them at schools so that teachers can do their jobs without too much stress.
  6. Memobook: These memo books feature 48 perforated pages! They have a flood coat to cover the entire surface. They make nice giveaways to help teachers keep on top of their tasks.
  7. Apple Power Clip: This powerful clip features a transparent color. It is sturdy enough to secure a lot of documents. Teachers will find this product useful to prevent papers from flying off their desks.
  8. Apple Magnets: Teachers love magnets! These can be used on their desks at home or at school. You can use the entire surface area to do a full color imprint.

Did you find these giveaways interesting? Order online or get in touch with us to get them personalized with your company’s details. You will love the personalization process!

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