Quick Promotional Products to Launch a Speedy Marketing Campaign

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It’s no secret that a majority of businesses and institutions order their giveaways at the last moment. There are several reasons for this – either they didn’t get a timely clearance on the marketing budget or couldn’t find a product that suit their branding need. Or maybe they just forgot about ordering till the moment arrived!

If you are in a similar situation, then you need not worry. Promo Direct has been helping a lot of people with their last minute purchases through its Free 24 Hour Service section. From bags and drinkware to electronic items and lots more, Promo Direct has an army of items that can be shipped out in quick time.

The main advantage of this service is that all artwork will be processed in quick time. First, Promo Direct’s team of experienced designers provides you with a preview of how your logo looks on the items of your choice. After receiving your approval, the team proceeds to personalize a bulk of the chosen items with your logo and message. After this, your order of giveaways is shipped the next day itself. What’s best of all is that this 24 Hour service is for FREE!

You can find these speedy products all through the Promo Direct website and not just in the link provided above. These promotional items can be easily identified –they have a green ’24 HOUR’ icon that announces their presence. With Promo Direct, you need not worry about not being prepared for an event that just around the corner.

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