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Apr 10 2013

How Internet Changed The Face Of Marketing

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Just a couple of decades ago, marketing used to be a completely different ball game. The rules and ethics were a far cry from what it is now. Circa 2000, the age of door-to-door and direct marketing unofficially came to a halt. Marketing as we knew it, changed forever.

The rapid advancement of the digital age brought about a paradigm shift in how we look at and approach the age-old methods of marketing. The base remains the same – the main objective of marketing is not lost.

Marketing still revolves around promoting your brand to the customer. It’s still about selling. The action, however, has shifted online. The past decade has witnessed 3 defining moments inspired by the Internet that changed the face of marketing:

Citizens become Marketers: This is the age of Social Networking. A major portion of marketing strategies is aimed at promoting services through Facebook and Twitter. Companies have now realized that people themselves can recommend a product or a service through these social sites. If we like a particular product, we usually go on Facebook or Twitter to write a good word or two about it or we end up liking their pages. This attracts more people to the company’s profiles on social networks.

Quality Content begins to rule against Aggressive Marketing: Companies no longer use spammy emails or nosy salesmen to pester you with inane messages about their products. Instead, they are now focusing on creating high quality content that convinces and attracts potential customers. This is the Information Era, where the consumer only wants to read and see material that will benefit him. You get them the information they want and you will get their attention!

Everyone decides to Blog: As of 2013, almost every guy worth his salt owns a blog. Everybody wants to express their opinions and spread the word about their likes and dislikes. So what better way than Blogging? For many, Blogging has now become an integral part of Marketing.

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Apr 05 2013

Knowing the Essentials of Viral Marketing

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What is the importance of Viral Marketing in today’s ultra digitized world? How does a company benefit from astute marketing campaigns? But most importantly, what exactly is Viral Marketing?

Well, this form of marketing is nothing but promoting a certain brand and creating awareness about it through the Internet and social media platforms. Truth be told, we are living in an age where almost everyone is hopping onto the social networking bandwagon. During such times, it becomes easier to target your brand and create a noticeable mark. Do you have eye-catching videos at your disposal? Do you have appealing pictures filled with

worthy Information? If yes, then you are all set to launch a meaningful viral marketing campaign that will catch the attention of a widespread audience.

But before you embark on that journey, take a peek at these important tips, which will aid you immensely in your marketing activities:

Go for what is popular. This means that you need to research extensively by monitoring the case studies of viral marketing campaigns that were popular in the past. Know and analyze what made them famous and the measures they adopted. Have a look at the trends that are grabbing people’s attention.

Stay away from direct selling. If you are going to hard sell your products, then it will only yield unsatisfactory results. Promote your company and its products by reaching out to your target consumers in an indirect way. Associate yourself with a popular trend or bring up a relevant issue and then make your products be known through that.

The Internet and Social Media is all about sharing. If you want your Viral Campaign to do wonders, then make your content easily shareable. Do not impose any kind of conditions. The information or the advertisement, which is a part of your promotion, should be free for one and all.

Viral Marketing strategies succeed when a company thinks from the point of view of the consumer. It’s easier to grab attention if you are catering to their innate needs and desires. Targeting your audience through correct and tactful methods will eventually lead to a worthwhile viral marketing campaign.

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