Discovering Pinterest With 5 Interesting Facts

The past year has witnessed a flurry of activity on Pinterest, the social photo sharing site that has captured the hearts of users all over the world. In an Internet-era ruled by sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest has done mighty well for itself since its introduction in 2010.

Here we look at 5 facts that underline its reputation as the world’s fastest growing social site.

Fact #1 – The Beginning: Pinterest had a humble beginning. Work on developing Pinterest took off in December 2009 and by the first half of 2010, a beta version of the site was operational. Co-founder Ben Silbermann personally wrote and demonstrated his site to the first 5000 members. In a couple of months, the site’s members more than doubled.

All this while, Silbermann ran his company from an apartment that housed a few of his programmers.

Fact #2 – The Recognition: In its early days, Pinterest received a lot of positive attention from far and wide. This helped to boost its reputation as a force to reckon with in the online world. For example, Pinterest was ranked 38 in Time’s 2011 list of ’50 Websites That Make the Web Great’. Another worthy mention is a survey conducted by Experian Marketing Services in early-2012. It revealed that Pinterest was behind only Facebook and Twitter in terms of popularity, beating LinkedIn for the 3rd spot.

Fact #3 – The Consistency: A problem with start-ups is that visitor interest often dies down quickly after a couple of months. No such thing with Pinterest though. The photo-sharing site has gone from strength to strength, breaking new records on its way to establishing itself in the online world.

In February 2012, Pinterest became the fastest to 10 million monthly unique visits in the US. In July, Pinterest had a whopping 23 million unique visitors and continues to draw in valuable traffic.

Fact #4 – The Referrals: A survey by Shareaholic in June 2012 revealed that Pinterest brought more referral traffic than Twitter, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and Youtube. A remarkable feat for a company that is barely two years old.

Fact #5 – The User-friendliness: A picture is worth a thousand words! Pinterest’s biggest USP is its visually communicative medium. The easy-to-understand layout ensures that Pinterest users can share images simply by pinning them. Unlike Facebook, Pinterest is picture-friendly and focuses less on words. No wonder retailers prefer Pinterest for e-commerce activities.

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