Dec 16

A Moment For The Innocent Connecticut Victims

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Charlotte Bacon was a lively girl with a smile that could light up even the darkest of rooms. On December 14, her life was snuffed out by a cruel twist of fate – she was among the victims in the shootout at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut.

Charlotte had worn a new pink dress and boots to school that day. She was only 6 years old – way too young to die. Some of these innocent children were hit with as many as eleven bullets.

No amount of sympathy can console the families of these victims. They will live with these emotional scars for the rest of their lives.

We, at Promo Direct, share in the sorrow felt by the victims’ loved ones. As Americans, we can only hope that tragedies such as these never happen again.

Gary Taylr

Gary Taylr is a marketing consultant and works with the creative team at Promo Direct to boost sales. He is a regular participant in discussions related to business and marketing. He loves exchanging ideas and connecting with like-minded people. Gary can be followed on Google+ and Twitter.

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