Promoting Your Brand: Targeting The Right People At The Right Time

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It is time for some retrospection. Ask yourself these questions:

1. How long has it been since I last promoted my business?
2. Does my target audience know that my business exists?
3. How much did I spend on my last promotional campaign? Was it money well-spent?

Think hard about these questions. Are you satisfied about how your business is faring? If the answer is no, then it is time you did something about it.

Decoding your target audience: Most companies deal with services that cater to a specific consumer group. Do you have access to these people? The key to getting your business noticed is to achieve significant brand recognition among your audience.

Get in touch with these people. Use promo items to break the ice. Send them useful corporate giveaways imprinted with your logo. Make it clear that you would value an association with them. The higher the quality of your giveaways, the more chances there are of prospective customers warming up to you.

You could also host a part and invite prospective customers. It’s the right to show off your brand’s capabilities.

Choosing the right time to promote your business: A couple of years ago, a reputed business house in Houston launched a glitzy marketing campaign to promote their range of knitwear. There was one glitch though – winter had just set in! The result – a lot of marketing dollars went down the drain thanks to an ill-timed promotion.

So it is highly important that you pick the right time to promote your product. Plan your marketing campaign around popular festive holidays such as Halloween, Christmas or Thanksgiving. Your customers will appreciate these well-planned corporate giveaways and remember your brand when it matters most.

So remember the next time you plan your promotional campaign, you should focus on targeting the right people at the right time!

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