United Neighborhood Houses (UNH) and the Promo Direct connection

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United Neighborhood Houses (UNH) was founded in 1919 to serve and improve the lives of New Yorkers through a neighborhood-based service system. Currently, New York City has 37 agencies affiliated to UNH. These agencies work around the clock at more than 400 sites to help needy New Yorkers.

Job training, educational programs, meals and services for the elderly, mental health counseling and drug prevention are some of the services provided by this non-profit organization. Here is a snapshot of UNH’s services:

i. Ensuring that children receive quality education
ii. Ensuring that the youth make positive choices that enable them to succeed in school and the workforce.
iii. Ensuring that immigrants are given the opportunity to be a part of American society
iv. Ensuring that senior citizens receive sufficient care and nutrition
v. Ensuring that New Yorkers are spared from the misfortune of homelessness

The Promo Direct connection:

Promo Direct has associated itself with UNH’s Junior Board Care Package Program. Promo Direct donated items that served as the perfect gifts for UNH’s college freshmen. Sewing kits and lint brushes imprinted with the UNH logo ensured that new college students looked their best while meeting their professors or starting a new student job.

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