In The Memmory Of Helen Gurley Brown An Iconic Institution

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Courageous, Valiant, Bold or Strong are words yet tiny that could describe Helen Gurley Brown.

She had been an inspiring role model to nearly five generations so far.

Born in Arkansas, February 18, 1922, graduated in 1941 from Woodbury Business College, Helen married David Brown, the producer of various motion movies like The Sting, Jaws, Cocoon, and Driving Miss Daisy.

Her best selling book Sex and the Single Girl was published in 1962, soon after she became an editor in chief with the Cosmopolitan. Her association with Cosmopolitan made a super positive impact on both party’s carrier graph.

Her untamed thought power and board mind set will always be applaudable. Her thoughts, her quotes, her novels, and the articles she wrote, persuaded every women from every era.

Helen received many awards while her journey with words, be it editor of the year, be it The Matrix Award, Fisher Award or Hall of Fame Award she was radiant in everything that she did. She was the first woman ever who introduced blunt topics into magazines. Her novel Sex and the Single Girl brought tremendous business and success and later was made into a movie by Richard Quine. She was full of life, witty and was always open to learn and share knowledge.

Together with her husband she formed a Brown Institute of Media Innovation.

She was an iconic institution of inspiration. She not only has changed her fate, but while doing so she definitely has changed fate for many women today.

Helen believed, “No matter how big or small your job is, if you approach it with passion and work beyond 9 to 5, success will open its doors for you.”

The intake of this made many women develop self confidence, women rearranged and extended their abilities and potentials, many began to be more vocal about their feelings and urges, and this together contributed to a large number of working women and women oriented businesses.

According to new research, the number of women-owned businesses is multiplying at a faster rate than the number of businesses owned by men. Across America, there are 8.3 million of women owned firms recent report of American Express. This growth should be welcomed with warmth.

Promo Direct takes pride and salutes such women oriented companies. Helen’ radiance approach towards life gives us inspiration thus; we at Promo Direct would incorporate many more women habituate items and add on other beneficiary offers too.

She said, “My relevance is that I deal with reality.” is truly motivating.

We are sure you still would be inspiring other around you even now.

Your work and contributions to the society will be forever honored.

RIP Helen Gurley Brown.

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