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Jul 23 2012

What the Market Sees Vs What It is Actually…

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The world of advertising is quite bizarre. There is absolutely no certainty what will work and what won’t. There are a number of factors that decide the fate of advertising success. Demographic preferences, consumer buying behavior and certain nuances of the target segment highly influence the overall marketing campaign. In order to understand the same PromoDirect—a leading name in the promotional industry, initiated a discussion in one of the social media channels “Which are the Best ways to recall brand in customer’s mind?”

As anticipated, we were bombarded with tons of replies from a lot of marketing geeks and some of these were business owners, and people at a very senior level including managers. Out of this survey what we have seen is some traditional outlook along with a few modern demeanors. We have taken into account all these replies and analyzed in a manner that will leave you with amazement.

  • Result 1: 58% says Television/print Media will win the race

Analogy: Perhaps true! However, with the advent of internet and online marketing, the world has been witnessing a new trend of interactive marketing instead of interruptive marketing. Moreover, the ever burgeoning cost of television and other print media is less effective when compared to internet marketing because you can measure the success of the latter one. Also with the rapid change in technology can be a catalyst in making these media less effective. With the rise in VoD (Video on Demand) people are becoming more selective regarding what they want to see, thus further shrinking the bandwidth of these traditional modes of advertising.

Analogy: Cost effective, highly influential this concept is ideal for those who have started their business recently or may be in the industry for quite some time. Many large corporations also patronize the concept of elevating your brand image in the market by distributing promotional products among its customers and future prospects. The result is quite palpable in terms of higher customer satisfaction, better brand visibility and brand recall. However, the flip side is you need to know your target audience like a mother knows her child.

  • Result 3: Only 5% still relies on Radio Advertising

Analogy: The number is already abysmally low and it will further shrink with short wave becoming obsolete.

  • Result 4: 9% is of the opinion that billboard advertising is the best

Analogy: While this might have worked earlier but no longer any more, at least not the best. There are people who do not even look at those hoardings even if they are stuck in the traffic (We came to know about it from these survey). Moreover, this can make you spend a huge some of marketing dollars without letting you know how much ROI you have got so far.

If we want to take into consideration the above mentioned analogy, we would recommend that other than internet or online marketing it is promotional marketing that can help building trust with your target segment and this way you can clearly convey your brand message to your esteemed customers with proper visibility in the market.

After all, we all know that today’s buyers no longer buy things based on opinions but inclined more towards user experience. In that way promotional products will rule the advertising world along with online marketing.

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Jul 23 2012

Facebook in collaboration with Washington State for next elections!

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Microsoft has built an app for Washington voters to register their vote on most used social networking site, The Facebook.

Facebook, in alliance with Microsoft approached Washington State worked together to bring in a new online registration application. Washington will soon be known the very first state in the USA to bring in online registration via a social media site.

This application will be launched soon.
This application will derive basic information of the voter from Facebook with which applicants can reach the voting portal on Facebook that opens in a box.

Shane Hamlin, the State election coordinator says.

“Even though you’re on a Facebook page, the information you provide to us isn’t going through them. He further added. “They’re not collecting it and giving it to us, you’re interacting directly with us, but in a frame that is Facebook’s – and you get to us through Facebook.”

Although this process appears trendy and convenient not everyone is keen or enthusiastic about the same.

On the other hand, people have often seen Obama busy thumbing messages in his blackberry while rallies and campaigns. He shrewdly understands the electrical power of the web, especially on social media sites.

This had definitely taken Facebook to a much superior level amongst other social networking sites. Hence, small companies can now start applying new online tactics and pull more business through Facebook. With a 125 million active Facebook users in USA itself, once can analyze how much a business can bloom and mint dollars in today competitive business world. With a figure of 1,564,940 number of Facebook users, stats says that majority of these users are between the age group of 21-35 years.
Having such stats we can state the elections in Washington through Facebook will create a new history.

Other may click the below mentioned path.

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Jul 23 2012

Promotional Items for Kids – A Brilliant Way of Brand Endorsement

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Making your branding effort though a promotional item for kids is indubitably a far smarter way to get your audience understood your brand image. Most business houses try to tap the market by focusing on their customers which include only the adults. However, inclusion of promotional items for kids can make some exceptional and phenomenal results that can envy your peers. Things like custom caps, drawstring backpack and custom t-shirts with favorite cartoon characters imprinted on these can make the kids fall in love your brand. This eventually will involve the parents as kids will constantly use these promotional offers.

Custom caps are very popular among kids as they can use these caps wherever they go in the park or while going to school. These gifts are meant for all seasons and thus your brand will have better visibility in the market. However, in order to make kids love your brand you must design these caps in an attractive manner they would surely love.

Another most widely used promotional product for kids is drawstring backpack. These items have better usage and look very trendy around their shoulders and also nice to carry to schools. Moreover, these items have large imprint area which means you can make your business logo appear more distinctly.

With custom t-shirts for kids you can make your promotion a huge hit and this will give your brand a better market presence. Your brand can have a great market penetration through such marketing because these items are very popular offerings that can magnify your brand and multiply your customer base.

With these items your customers will be happy to receive your offerings as your gift is for their kids and will help you to stand out of the lot. This will also show how much you really think about them and their family. Thus your brand will address them in a subliminal level which will work wonders for your brand.

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Jul 09 2012

7th Wimbledon title owner Roger Federer

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We have and will always respect the Swiss tennis ace Roger Federer, for creating a history in the world of Tennis!

He once again has proved himself on the Tennis Court and of course to the world of his passion towards the game and his faith in himself.
This achievement is his 7th Career title at Wimbledon, the 17th major of his career, the first in 2 ½ years. Wow! These scores give such an honor to any Champion.
It was such an awestruck moment on the court to see Andy Murray pick the microphone to speak about his most honorable defeat. A Defeat, but with best offered on the court.

Belief is the most fragile little thing. It often takes one little crack to destroy it.
But, if your belief determines your action, you will see your action determines your results and with that we can beyond doubt reach our dreams.

Our team at PromoDirect takes pride in Congratulating Roger for such a remarkable achievement and for giving tennis a Real Hero.

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Jul 09 2012

Cheer Our Team USA!

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Get ready to get glued to your television sets!

Starting Sunday the 29th of July, the 2012 Olympics Men’s basketball is to be released.

The group segment of the event will begin with five games of Team USA. If Team USA makes it to the top, to reach the gold medal game, then Sunday the 12th of August, will be the most glorified day for Team USA, and to each dedicated supporter of the team.

Since the entire event will be held in London, not every loyal fan can be the live witnesses for the season. But, that’s shouldn’t be the worry, we can have the same enthusiasm rolling by distributing promotional sports items to your sports lovers you know.

Promo Direct brings you many such sporty promo items that add life to your logo.
See you message being flaunted this 2012 Olympic Season.

So, get ready to cheer the team, with your LOGO, winning the game magically for you.

So, say it loud, “Stand tall, talk small, play ball!”

You can pick up our most liked Basketball Shape Stress Ball, or Sport-Tek® – PosiCharge Mesh™ Reversible Sleeveless Tee or even our Sport-Tek® – PosiCharge Mesh™ Reversible Spliced .

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