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Jun 25 2012

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Jun 19 2012

Best of marketing and why are they so

Published by under Business & Marketing

It is a well known fact that out of all our marketing efforts and ubiquitous promotions, some will become an instant hit and some will suffer major hit back.  The one which resonates so well with your target audience will be the one to buzz around in the market for sometime and gives your brand a new look.

Marketers, often try to create such bustle which becomes the talk of the town for generating new prospects for your business. The idea of promoting your brand with promo items like promotional pens and personalized t-shirts is no different.

Here we will consider some of the best promotion and understand why they are so with a learning edge and try to figure out what could serve the best in the market.


In case of promo items

Remember the iconic bicyclist Lance Armstrong? In 1996, just after he was identified with cancer, he founded his Lance Armstrong Foundation the following year.

In association with Nike, his foundation developed a yellow silicon wristband imprinted with the Livestrong mantra for selling the item as a fundraiser. This, later reported by, resulted in generating more than 45 million of sale. The bracelets very soon became an instant identifiable symbol of Armstrong, who often used to wear the yellow leaders jersey while cycling to seven Tour de France victories.

Lesson: Make your brand unique with a signature look. This is important for your brand’s own identity in the market. This will connect your brand to your niche and customers which will promote stronger relationship.  With promo items like promotional pens and personalized t-shirts your brand can be a messenger which keeps your customers loyal to you along with generating new potential prospects.

You need to create promotions in a manner which easily recognizable in the market and wherever your customers see similar image your name should instantly come in their minds.

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Jun 18 2012

Make your promotional products unique with photographs

Published by under Promotional Products

There are many ways to make your promotion effective. However, promoting your brand with photographic elements along with promotional items can be a new phenomenon. Photographs can capture some of the most precious moments that you spend with your best buddies and other people you work with. When promotional items are branded with these photographs your brand will have better chance to win the market.

It is a strategic marketing agenda to make businesses focus on corporate events and tradeshow giveaways in order to promote a positive image. To illustrate this let’s assume that your sales team is sent to Hawaii on a business trip. You can have a photograph of the entire team with prominent places of the places as background and can imprint these on personalized coffee mugs or custom caps.

This will convey a positive message. Firstly, employees will be happy to receive this which will remind them of old memories and secondly customers will perceive a positive image of the company where employees smile with a fun-loving business tour.

If you are running a small business and would like to adopt promotional photography to promote your brand then it is better to follow the strategy of a famous promotional photography expert Tony Luca. It is believed that photography can be used as promotion.

If many people feel hungry just at looking a photograph of a delicious hamburger then it is indeed a good marketing strategy to implement photographic approach. This type of pictures imprinted on personalized coffee mugs

can remind customers to look at the items time to time and see your brand quite often.

Photographs captured can be turned into seasonal themes and used for promotional campaign. Make sure to include these snaps in your corporate cards instead of imprint any fake image of a snowflake.

As photographs are very personal and more interesting than even the most creative corporate logo, it is likely to have more customer attention for your brand in case you are using in your promotional campaigns.

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Jun 06 2012

Promotional Products Under $1

Published by under Promotional Products

With the economic indicator sliding downwards and shrinking bandwidth of traditional mode of advertising, it is inevitable for business houses to depend more and more on promotional campaigns to keep their brand alive in the market. It is quite sensible, especially in such scenario, to promote your brand in the market with the cheapest promotional products that comes under $ 1.

Marketers believe in keeping your brand in people’s mind through continuous brand awareness and promotion. Thus promotional items carrying your company name, logo and other vital information like contact details can be useful in keeping your brand alive in people’s mind.

In order to make promotional items more attractive marketers are making them customized as per the preferences of clients.  Moreover, with the latest technological development in art preparation and imprint production you can get your company logo printed with some sort of customization. Now-a-days a number of promotional items are available with rapid turned around. This will further reduce the cost of these items. There are many promotional products which are under one dollar and can eventually save precious resources which you can use where it is needed the more.

Some of the most popular products under one dollar are:

Personalized pens: Perhaps the most popular promo items that will be used widely and thus users will get to see you brand every day. This way your logo, phone number and website address are visible more often. There are many distributors in the market who can supply promotional pens under one dollar.

Custom candy: If you want to get industry attention in a sweeter way custom candy can be a good option. Imprinted lollipops, wrapped mints and Belgian chocolates are ideal for trade show promotion, sales meetings and other promotional events and these will never make a hole in your wallet.

Imprinted magnets: These items can be seen at homes or may be found on the refrigerator at your nearest pizza corner displaying company name, logo and other important details. Thus your brand will be seen by many eyes and that’s how will help in your promotion.

Thus your company will have better branding at lower cost which is every marketer’s dream.

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Jun 05 2012

Promotional products for all events and occasions

Published by under Promotional Products

If you want to outshine in reviving your business and brand image, doing it through promotional products will not only bring more prospects to your business but will also give you a larger bandwidth of people attracting to you.

Promo items like business pens can act as a sharp tool to business promotion and elevate your brand in the market. These pens, carrying company logo, name, address and a corporate tag line, can be of great use to your target segment as pens are needed in every day life. Thus SMBs and large corporations can promote their brand through promotional pens.

Not only pens but you can also use other range of products which you think your customers will be using regularly and which will effectively highlight your brand, can be included in your campaign list. The prime objective of your marketing policy revolves around getting more customers onboard and maintaining long lasting relationship with the same group.

Through promotional products your company tries to constantly remind customers about its existence. Promotional bic pens are one of such categories which can be catered to any events and occasion for increasing your brand recall. It’s just a token of your relation that you shared with your customers’ so long.

The popularity of norwood bic pens is because of its widespread use and availability at a lower cost. Also people those who receive these business gifts will remember your brand name better and if any need arises they will first prefer to get in touch with you. While offering business gifts one thing you must remember is its long time usability by the receivers. If the gifts distributed are not functional it won’t take much time for these to reach the garbage bin.

People will remember your brand only when they get to use your promotional products for a little while. Thus while planning for your promotional products you need to think of such items which can be given and most importantly used for all occasions. Promotional pens are one of such categories which are not only ideal for all occasions but also very much usable for receivers.

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