Avoiding Common Branding Blunders, Missteps and Mistakes

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There are many masterminds who have committed some of the greatest mistakes while making a brand image of a company. Many new start ups including renowned established players in the industry also suffered from the creative thoughts which sabotaged the entire branding project. We will discuss some of those mistakes and how to keep them at the bay.


Not knowing your customers

It is quite inevitable for you to understand and know your customers like the way you know yourself. You need to know their needs and pain areas to let them know that your solution can bring a change to their lives. That’s how you create a perception about your solutions and this goes long way to build your brand.

Give it to your marketing department

We all know that organizations work in silos with multiple departments where one department is alien to the other. In such scenario giving the responsibility to one department will only add to your woes. Branding is a culture and not and not any promotion. For successful branding you need to practice it for years. It’s not a time bound activity. And most importantly every department in organization should reflect that essence in their daily activities.

Wrong partners

Branding is not a child’s play. You will not try to be experimental when you are serious about your branding. It needs planning, preparation and flawless execution. Your branding should be constructed on a sound, strategic track. It should be of concept driven with a creative angle that will accommodate customers’ tastes and emerging technologies.

Thought the silver lining is that most of the mistakes can be corrected, it takes lot of time and yes the most valuable money. Instead of learning your mistakes by the hard way it’s better to heed to your strategies.

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