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Apr 13 2012

How to promote your business successfully using promotional items

Getting customers’ attention by distributing promotional items may be a good idea to spread a positive message to a larger audience. This works most effectively when there is a restriction on budgetary allowance for marketing team. Selection of such goods can be crucial at times as this will decide the fate of your business for future and also make ways for your business in terms of congregating potential prospects.

Promotional Items For Successful Business Promotion

Everybody loves to receive free gifts and if that gift includes some of the features that solves their regular small problems at home or work then people will remember your name. Some of the most popular gifts are Mugs, juggling balls, lanyards, bookmarks, badges, coasters, t shirts, pencils, pens and key rings which will give your brand recognition in the market.

Most of these gifts can easily be printed on. The printing could be in the way of a campaign slogan, a company name or logo or an advertisement of some kind. The type of gift should be considered before the printing is done. Certain gifts may work better with a particular message. The aim is to get the brand name out as far and as wide as possible. Important to know is that while the item may cost very little money, compromising on the quality of the item should not be a consideration.

Printing your company name and logo on these items are pretty easy and these will find widespread usage among your target audience. It is always better to get connected with your existing and prospective clients once a year to rejuvenate the warmth of relationship that you enjoy with them. This way—customers will remember you better and they will also rely on your products. By doing such campaigns you can very well gain market popularity with better brand visibility.

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Apr 10 2012

Avoiding Common Branding Blunders, Missteps and Mistakes

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There are many masterminds who have committed some of the greatest mistakes while making a brand image of a company. Many new start ups including renowned established players in the industry also suffered from the creative thoughts which sabotaged the entire branding project. We will discuss some of those mistakes and how to keep them at the bay.


Not knowing your customers

It is quite inevitable for you to understand and know your customers like the way you know yourself. You need to know their needs and pain areas to let them know that your solution can bring a change to their lives. That’s how you create a perception about your solutions and this goes long way to build your brand.

Give it to your marketing department

We all know that organizations work in silos with multiple departments where one department is alien to the other. In such scenario giving the responsibility to one department will only add to your woes. Branding is a culture and not and not any promotion. For successful branding you need to practice it for years. It’s not a time bound activity. And most importantly every department in organization should reflect that essence in their daily activities.

Wrong partners

Branding is not a child’s play. You will not try to be experimental when you are serious about your branding. It needs planning, preparation and flawless execution. Your branding should be constructed on a sound, strategic track. It should be of concept driven with a creative angle that will accommodate customers’ tastes and emerging technologies.

Thought the silver lining is that most of the mistakes can be corrected, it takes lot of time and yes the most valuable money. Instead of learning your mistakes by the hard way it’s better to heed to your strategies.

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Apr 09 2012

Promotional items for business startup events

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Promotional items can be a wonderful marketing instrument for start up businesses. These are proved to be a good brand mascot bearing your company name. Through promotional items you can get connected to your customers and build relationship. These items can act like ice breakers and make you more credible to your customers as they may know your products and quality of the same.

Logo Promotional Products

There are certain essential planning that one needs to adhere for promotional products while promoting start up business. It is of utmost of importance to know your target audience. Also knowing their likings will help you to design and plan for right kind promotional items. Try to make your presence through building brand from the very first impression. Your promotional products will help you build your market perception and earn credibility in the market.

Understand your clients’ needs before they start telling you about it. Provide solution with an immediate impact. Through your promotional gifts your customers will able to connect to you in an engaging way that will go a long way to build your brand. Everybody loves getting things for Free. It’s a good idea to offer some sample products to your customers and request them to use it first and see how effective the product is for them. This will get you some future business.  You can very well grab your customers’ notice by distributing some useful promotional items like personalized promotional pens, flash drives, writing pads and many such similar items.

If people find your promotional products useful they might try your service and this also gives them the reason to hire you. This way you will have better brand visibility and brand recall.

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