Mar 21

Pinterest Sharing Cuts Both Ways?

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What is Pinterest?

  • It is a virtual scrapbook where people delight in ‘pinning’ about things as varied as wedding dresses, promotional products, cakes, flowers, or even iPad cases.
  • It’s one of the fastest growing websites of all time—in the last quarter of 2011 it had a 815% growth in traffic and 31.7 million total visits, making it one of the top 10 most-visited websites
  • Statistics show that 4% of all online sharing comes through Pinterest alone
  • It’s popularity peaks in the design, art and fashion industries
  • Top Brands are using it for marketing–brands like Gap, Pillsbury, Unicef, and even Sesame Street
  • 81% of users are women while 19% are men
Pinterest Is Now Taking Over

All this is amazing for the internet and for its users, but companies are having a nightmare with authorship issues of the shared content. Pinterest generates a massive amount of referral traffic and gives an amazing amount of exposure. This is fantastic for branding and marketing, but like other sharing sites such as Facebook and Youtube attributions of copyrighted content are bound to be lost in the ‘cloud’ of sharing.

Though a gargantuan task it is, Pinterest is now attempting to regulate this social sharing while not compromising on the right of people being deprived of the right to self-expression. Let’s see how this pans out!

Dave Sarro is an online entrepreneur and key authority in the promotional industry. In 1991, Dave launched Promo Direct, a company that sells giveaways to American businesses and institutions. Promo Direct has grown from strength to strength under Dave's watchful eye.

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