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Mar 21 2012

Pinterest Sharing Cuts Both Ways?

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What is Pinterest?

  • It is a virtual scrapbook where people delight in ‘pinning’ about things as varied as wedding dresses, promotional products, cakes, flowers, or even iPad cases.
  • It’s one of the fastest growing websites of all time—in the last quarter of 2011 it had a 815% growth in traffic and 31.7 million total visits, making it one of the top 10 most-visited websites
  • Statistics show that 4% of all online sharing comes through Pinterest alone
  • It’s popularity peaks in the design, art and fashion industries
  • Top Brands are using it for marketing–brands like Gap, Pillsbury, Unicef, and even Sesame Street
  • 81% of users are women while 19% are men
Pinterest Is Now Taking Over

All this is amazing for the internet and for its users, but companies are having a nightmare with authorship issues of the shared content. Pinterest generates a massive amount of referral traffic and gives an amazing amount of exposure. This is fantastic for branding and marketing, but like other sharing sites such as Facebook and Youtube attributions of copyrighted content are bound to be lost in the ‘cloud’ of sharing.

Though a gargantuan task it is, Pinterest is now attempting to regulate this social sharing while not compromising on the right of people being deprived of the right to self-expression. Let’s see how this pans out!

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Mar 16 2012

So You Thought That Grand Speech Is Going To Make You A Leader?

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Becoming A Leader

Contrary to popular belief verbal communications are not the be all and end all in the world of interactions. People are saying more through some other means, some other channel, something more than words can possibly communicate. There is something definitely going on.

It is all happening via body language. On the communication highway there are several road signs! People are constantly evaluating each other, mostly subconsciously, and forming impressions and opinions that determine their conscious decisions. Those who master these ‘signs’ and ‘signals’ are on their way to becoming great leaders. Here are a few things that leaders have understood:

  1. People subconsciously classify nonverbal signals into two broad categories—those of authority and those of warmth and compassion. Leaders are those who have mastered the art of knowing and employing the right signals at the right time. They have learnt to effectively use eye contact, minute gestures, expressions, postures, etc., to influence, sway interpretations and decisions of others. This is what eventually determines their behavior.
  2. It takes just seven seconds for someone to come to a decision about you—if you are “likeable”, “powerful”, or submissive. Research shows that people make approximately eleven decisions about others, all in those initial seconds of meeting the new person.
  3. People rely too often, and mistakenly, on verbal communications, not knowing that it is the non-verbal exchange that mostly determines what we think of each other. Two people could exchange up to 800 nonverbal signals over a half-hour period. This explains how a well-planned presentation, strategy, interaction could fail because we focus too much on how we are going to say things and present our argument, etc., yet find that it did not work as we intended it to!
  4.  Often you feel something is amiss when someone you are talking to says one thing but uses a gesture or expression that does not ‘sync’ in with the words. Our brains are wired to detect these miniscule anomalies in nonverbal signals. This shows up on EEGs (electroencephalograms) as brain waves called “event related potentials.” This gets us thinking—should we be more aware to our nonverbal communication than we have been so far? Yes, we must!

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Mar 14 2012

Factory Direct Prices On Promotional Products By Promo Direct

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Promo Direct has brought another great way for businesses to stay on budget with their promotional campaigns by introducing an assortment of promotional products at Factory Direct Prices! In order to make it easy for its patrons, Promo Direct has worked hard to procure these products directly from the manufacturer so that there is no ‘middle-man’ factor that would hike up the price.

Factory Direct Pricing By Promo DirectCompanies can now save up to an incredible 50% on promotional items! The range of discounted products they can choose from includes:

Debossed and embossed promotional awareness bracelets

•             Debossed thumb rings

•             Branded promotional BIC pens

•             Imprinted promotional backpacks

•             Promotional travel mugs and ceramic mugs

•             Custom hand sanitizers

•             Promotional USB drives

•             Promotional t shirts

There are promotional products at Factory Direct prices to suit every budget. Branded promotional BIC pens for as low as 26 cents, awareness bracelets for 27 cents, promotional plastic pens for as low as 12 cents and promotional bags and totes for just 68 cents—clearly there is something for every company looking for cheap promotional items to imprint their logo on.

The products are available in an assortment of colors and print options. So companies can take the best choice of product that will allow the perfect background color to make their logo clearly visible.

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Mar 12 2012

Amazon Launches Sports Memorabilia Store

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If you are a die-hard fan of sports, here is some good news for you! Amazon has added sports memorabilia to its gargantuan online store. This was announced recently. The Amazon store will have more than two million licensed items in its Sports Collectibles Store. Many top sports companies like NFL, NBA, FIFA, including Major League Baseball will showcase their sports items on this store. Shoppers can search and sort items by sport, team, type of item, price, and year. The items include trading cards, autographed apparel, game-worn jerseys and tickets stubs which are most popular among the sports lovers.

Amazon's New Memorabilia Store

Amazon says it will take great take care to validate the quality and authenticity of the items in its store so that its buyers can be assured of the originality of the items they buy. For this they will go so far as to get conditional ratings from memorabilia authorities such as Professional Sports Authenticator, Beckett Grading Services, and James Spence Authentication.

Peter Faricy, VP Amazon Marketplace, concluded in an official statement that Amazon would provide its a-to-z Guarantee protection on all purchases to prioritize authenticated selection.

Babe_Ruth_autographed_baseball_amazon_storeFans can get items depending upon their budget. For high-end memorabilia they can pick up a Babe Ruth autographed baseball for a nice chunk of $46,434.95 or for a low-budget item that still has great start value, they can pick up Dennis Rodman basketball cards for just $14.99. There’s something for everyone.

Dan Jamieson, CEO of Icons, a FIFA-licensed memorabilia company, expressed a positive note about the new venture of Amazon and concluded that it would be interesting and beneficial for both vendors and buyers of sports items.

Jamieson, in a delighted mood, also said, “This is a big deal for us and our customers because Amazon provides a great opportunity for Icons to reach millions of soccer fans in an easy way and serve them with high quality, unique, genuinely hand-signed items.”

All-in-all this new memorabilia store is ready to become the buzz among sports fans. This is going to be another popular platform where sports fans can find some unique collectibles they always wanted. This store will bring to life many dreams and aspirations of sports lovers everywhere.

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Mar 12 2012

How to Build Your Business Through The Right Marketing Mix

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The success of every business depends on the implementation of right kind of marketing techniques to position its product(s) or service in the market. In order to achieve that, the marketing team of every business has to understand the behavioral psychology of their consumers including various nuances and preferences. In short, marketing guys should be able to promote a product in the most unique manner at the right time and place after knowing people’s requirement and their affordability. These are the basic marketing-mix theories even the most efficient marketing guru will follow to build a brand in the market.

business promotion texhniques

However, the right marketing mix can be produced only if your business/product(s) have certain attributes to be promoted. Most importantly, your products should have the features and quality that are hard to find in the market currently. You need to understand the pulse of the market in order to identify that. If your product can promise these aspects to the consumers, there is a great chance that your product will sail across smoothly.

One more crucial characteristic of any product promotion is its price in the market. Consumers should be able to compare it with its quality and uniqueness. In other words pricing is not what you decide after considering your cost and reserving profit margin—it is how consumers perceive it in terms of its actual worth for which they are spending.

The next important aspect that comes in the marketing mix is the way products are made available to the consumers in the market. This includes transportation, storage—in short the entire channel of distribution.

The final and the most essential facet is the promotion of your product(s). Promotion is a way of connecting your product(s) or service to your consumers in a way that is impressive, transparent and with a prospect of adding value to overall market offerings. Effective product promotion will also include quantity and cost of making those available to the consumers. Your promotion should also highlight what your peers are missing as a part of your product feature. In fact effective promotion creates new needs for the market and gives your consumers a valid reason to spend.

Any business, irrespective of size and geography of operations, if includes these basic rules in their marketing mix, can see their revenue and business growing multi-fold and successfully.

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