The Progressive Evolution That Made Promotional Items Effective Marketing Tools

Giving away promotional products to loyal customers, recognizing an employee’s effort or expressing gratitude to someone you really care about, as a subtle way of marketing, is something that has become the norm for businesses universally.

However, this marketing methodology has its roots back in the golden pages of history. During the inauguration of George Washington as the first President of the U.S. on April 30, 1789, promotional items were used to good advantage back then just as they are today to promote an idea, a cause, an individual or a group of people.


This idea was further boosted during the latter part of 1800 when business enterprises realized the benefits that could be garnered by distributing promotional products—like shot glasses given away to customers. Eventually their business grew both in revenue and volume.

Initially promo items like fans, bags, and calendars were used. However, the exponential growth of industry competition made people bring in some innovative ideas like imprinting company logos, taglines on these items and it was observed that their business gained better market visibility. Thereafter, promotional giveaways like corporate gift items have emerged as reliable and measurable methods of marketing that promises a better brand recall.

So if you are still biting your nails, then we would recommend you go with this marketing strategy and give your brand a new lease of life. Check out this study conducted by ASI just to understand how promotional items are received in the market and by the end-users.

Here it goes:

  • 85% respondents could recall from whom they have received promotional gifts—better Brand Recall.
  • 24% are ready to do business with the advertiser they received the items from—better Business Prospect
  • 62% already had done business with the advertisers they received gifts from—measurable ROI from Promotional Items

So if you would like to propel your business to a new dimension, consider promotional items as your perfect marketing tools.

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