Super Bowl 2012—lights, camera and commercials

Millions of eyes were geared up to capture every single minute of the action that would be broadcast during the grandiose Super Bowl XLVI held at Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, Indiana on Sunday, February 5, 212.

As per the market observers, irrespective of which team won the trophy, the real time game winner would be promotional companies, which printed more than 25,000 T-shirts overnight. Report released by the ASI suggests that hundreds of promotional companies worked during the wee hours of Sunday to get those much-awaited promotional items out there–T-shirts, jackets, and other logoed items.

According to Timothy M. Andrews, president and CEO of ASI, the $18.5 billion promotional industry churns out huge sales during such national events, most of which comes from promotional t-shirts which are a favorite with football fans. Leading sports stores were seen running back and forth in the wee hours of the morning to ensure their promotional apparel was ready in time for the event.

Apart from the promotional industry, other businesses also scored quite well in successfully running their own campaigns during the big event. The auto sector giant GM won a standing ovation from the audience for their commercial. The ad showed a Chevy Silverado surviving the Armageddon which was based on 2012 apocalypse of the Mayan calendar. While some outperformed their competitors, the latter went home with gloomy faces. Giants like Coca Cola stuck to their old themes and failed to win over 100 million estimated spectators, the largest TV audience of super bowl 2012, in the US.

Though several brands stayed out of the limelight, they made an impression on their audiences by sheer brand power that they command in the market. Even so, promotional industry stole the show—as it does each year because people love freebies.

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