Should The U.S. Extend Its Helping Hand To The World

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The ongoing economic threat has pushed America to reconsider its worldwide financial aid when things at home front are looking bleak. Many believe that the Federal Government should take cognizance of the fact that economic hardships are growing for Americans and home issues should top the priority list for any policy formulation. However, looking at history, it was never in the American spirit to ignore things even at the darkest hour, even in times like the Great Depression or economic struggle that would otherwise affect general life. The American spirit of courage, sacrifice, and passion to bring a change has always won and survived the onslaught of economic turmoil.

Fact is that you can help others when you yourself are strong enough to survive. Is US fit to help others? With an unemployment-rate of 9.2 percent in June 2011, and the Great Recession in 2008 unemployment is still a massive problem. The Federal Government’s unemployment benefit schemes are just a Band-Aid and no lasting solution to the problem. The ever-growing trade deficit is a perennial concern along with the surging Chinese economy. Moreover, the valuation of Chinese currency (kept artificially low) is further affecting the American Dollar. With all this going on, critics believe America should hold back its humanitarian aid to the world.

It is worth mentioning that even with the global economic crisis, an average American still has a better lifestyle than his counterpart anywhere else in the world. People in third world countries and in Africa still don’t have access to basic amenities like pure drinking water, proper education and still fighting with diseases that have a cure. The counter-argument is that helping others is not all about resources. All it takes is courage, sacrifice, and a solemn obligation towards building a bigger community. The American dream is characterized by equality, freedom of living, and upliftment of communities worldwide.

However, there is another school of thought—one that believes the world is no longer taken in by American philanthropy and there are countries which don’t like America meddling in their internal affairs. This faction says that instead of trying to help others, America should focus on its own affairs.

These debates are never-ending. We just wait and watch—how much of these donations will affect the home economy and will the US economy improve with the immediate suspension of these aids?

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