New Year Top-Selling Promotional Items—Market By Brand Insistence

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Promotional products that guarantee marketing success and help increase ROI are the ones that companies choose year after year for advertising campaigns. Why these products work each time is because they are effective as promotional tools. People recall the advertiser with them more than they do with other promotional products, and they retain these promotional giveaways.

Promotional pens are top-selling promotional products that customers respond well to. Pens are high-utility business gifts. They are functional and offer an optimum print area for logos to be imprinted on. When you imprint your company logo or message on the barrel of a promotional pen, it is visible clearly to its user. As your customers use the imprinted pen on a day-to-day basis, they and people around them are reminded of your brand. This is marketing by brand insistence.

The same holds true for promotional bags and totes. By giving away these advertising specialties, you are gradually moving your customer from brand awareness to brand insistence. By frequent use of these promos, you are subtly conditioning the customer to choose your brand over and above your competitors’. With a low cost-per-impression for both promotional items, they are perfect promotional tools for businesses of all sizes.

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