They Got An Eye On You… Google Shows!

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If you are on the web, or even off it, everyone’s got their eye on you! But don’t take our word for it! Ask the experts…ask papa Google himself! Past year search trends on Google are out and what they show is that your brand is constantly being judged and evaluated, praised and criticized. The world is watching you 24/7 and everything you do contributes to your brand image and perception. Your product, your website, your marketing, your brand, your interactions with your customers, with your employees—it’s all being observed and the opinions and reviews are being passed on to peers and friends all over the world!

Google has turned the lens on itself and analyzed billions of typed-out search queries over 2011 to show what the most popular searches were. Trends show that in technology people wanted to know most about Icloud, OSX Lion, Ipad2, Ipod Touch 5g, Iphone 5, and Macbook Pro, while the most highly searched products were HP Touchpad, Ipad 2, Iphone 5, and Samsung Galaxy.

Brand power is phenomenally significant in the gaming world. In 2011, people searched online games like Wow, addictive games, free online games, and Miniclip the most, while in the world of video games—Black Ops, Call Of Duty, Halo Reach, and Super Mario beat Battlefield 3 and Dragon Age 2 easily! People know their car brands well too. Ford, Nissan, BMW, Jeep superseded Audi and Lexus even!

Why some brands are searched more than others is because they have done a lot of things right, including creating a product that plugs into customer need directly and offers a much sought after solution. Along with an ace product, they have also worked day-in-day-out on creating a brand awareness that is sustained. So be careful how you tread the road of branding. One tiny misstep can mar a 1000 things you have done right! They are watching you ALL the time…

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