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Jan 30 2012

Brands That Might Not See The Light Of 2013

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A brand must deliver its promise. That is what guarantees its survival in the long run and the company must keep its brand alive in market memory, which otherwise is short. Your competition never sleeps. A little over-confidence, one misstep and your competition will supersede you easily. The moment that happens you are history.

There are several brands that we always thought were invincible, but eventually wrote their own epitaphs. And, the demise of several ‘big boys’ continues to make headlines…even into 2012. Take a look at who’s likely to bite the dust

Research In Motion–Blackberry

Blackberry—once the most popular smartphone in the world—was the pride of Research In Motion (RIM). But RIM has seen a steady and sharp decline in sales and earnings over the past two years. It has lost its ability to sustain operations independently. Its competition soon overtook it—Apple’s iPhone and the Google Android together brought down Blackberry’s market share to 10% in 2011. Rumors are rife now that several companies are eyeing it for a takeover, Microsoft, Amazon, and Samsung being named being amongst them.



American Airlines

The airline along with parent company AMR went bankrupt on November 29, 2011. At that time it claimed that it would restructure its costs and continue normal business operations. However, this cutting costs is exactly what might tighten the noose on the company. The grapevine has been whispering that US Airways, Delta, and private equity firm TPG are getting their bids ready for .





The once top-notch film company is looking to either shut shop or sell—including its printing and digital photography operations and metamorphose into a patent licensing company. Kodak revenues fell from $1.756 billion to $1.462 billion last year, and lost $222 million. It then managed to get a $950 million debtor-in-possession credit facility and the company claimed it could keep itself afloat during bankruptcy. But, this seems unlikely and Kodak is certain to perish.





The queen of shows, Oprah Winfrey, was who viewers turned their televisions sets on to see, but they scarcely got to see her after The Oprah Winfrey Network entered 85 million homes in 2011. Winfrey didn’t even make an appearance until the start of 2012 and most of the program line-up failed to impress viewers. TRPs took a heavy toll and the 1 million audience at its launch crashed to a sad 300,000! Discovery Creations the partner of OWN says it does not see itself supporting a venture that is unlikely to be profitable in the long run. So it will soon be ‘bye-bye’ OWN!

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Jan 24 2012

New Year Top-Selling Promotional Items—Market By Brand Insistence

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Promotional products that guarantee marketing success and help increase ROI are the ones that companies choose year after year for advertising campaigns. Why these products work each time is because they are effective as promotional tools. People recall the advertiser with them more than they do with other promotional products, and they retain these promotional giveaways.

Promotional pens are top-selling promotional products that customers respond well to. Pens are high-utility business gifts. They are functional and offer an optimum print area for logos to be imprinted on. When you imprint your company logo or message on the barrel of a promotional pen, it is visible clearly to its user. As your customers use the imprinted pen on a day-to-day basis, they and people around them are reminded of your brand. This is marketing by brand insistence.

The same holds true for promotional bags and totes. By giving away these advertising specialties, you are gradually moving your customer from brand awareness to brand insistence. By frequent use of these promos, you are subtly conditioning the customer to choose your brand over and above your competitors’. With a low cost-per-impression for both promotional items, they are perfect promotional tools for businesses of all sizes.

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Jan 13 2012

They Got An Eye On You… Google Shows!

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If you are on the web, or even off it, everyone’s got their eye on you! But don’t take our word for it! Ask the experts…ask papa Google himself! Past year search trends on Google are out and what they show is that your brand is constantly being judged and evaluated, praised and criticized. The world is watching you 24/7 and everything you do contributes to your brand image and perception. Your product, your website, your marketing, your brand, your interactions with your customers, with your employees—it’s all being observed and the opinions and reviews are being passed on to peers and friends all over the world!

Google has turned the lens on itself and analyzed billions of typed-out search queries over 2011 to show what the most popular searches were. Trends show that in technology people wanted to know most about Icloud, OSX Lion, Ipad2, Ipod Touch 5g, Iphone 5, and Macbook Pro, while the most highly searched products were HP Touchpad, Ipad 2, Iphone 5, and Samsung Galaxy.

Brand power is phenomenally significant in the gaming world. In 2011, people searched online games like Wow, addictive games, free online games, and Miniclip the most, while in the world of video games—Black Ops, Call Of Duty, Halo Reach, and Super Mario beat Battlefield 3 and Dragon Age 2 easily! People know their car brands well too. Ford, Nissan, BMW, Jeep superseded Audi and Lexus even!

Why some brands are searched more than others is because they have done a lot of things right, including creating a product that plugs into customer need directly and offers a much sought after solution. Along with an ace product, they have also worked day-in-day-out on creating a brand awareness that is sustained. So be careful how you tread the road of branding. One tiny misstep can mar a 1000 things you have done right! They are watching you ALL the time…

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