The Real Magnitude Of Walmart

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How much do you know about Walmart? We certainly didn’t know enough…that is until now! Very few know what a leviathan this largest retailer in the world really is. Check out some of the stats that blow your mind away:

  • If we were to mark Walmart’s revenue as national GDP, it would be the 25th largest economy in the world!
  • If all of Walmart’s stores were to be lined up side by side, all of Manhattan’s 880 million square feet would be covered!
  • Walmart commands the second largest active military in the world!…that is if all of its 2,100,000 people are commissioned in the army!
  • It’s 8000 delivery trucks burn 118 million gallons of fuel each year.
  • CEO Michaels makes more in an hour than his sales associate will in a year!
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