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How Are Promotional Products Imprinted? Part Two

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Embroidery—The logo is embroidered on the article and this is useful particularly for promotional products such as t-shirts, promotional sweatshirts, caps, and bags. To reproduce the logo or image on the substrate, a card is required. The rates for embroidery depend upon the stabbing number as well as the size of the logo

Laser engraving—A controlled beam of laser is used to literally burn the design into metal. The design turns out precise and clear. The color is obviously dependent on the color of the metal that is engraved. This method is specifically used on corporate gifts like executive promotional pens, drinkware, flashlights and other accessories.

Embossing—Utilizing a cliché or die, the design is pressed onto the article using high pressure. This method is particularly utilized with leather promotional items.

Digital printing—This technique utilizes a sticker with a layer of epoxy, which is a two-component resin. This layer enhances the product by giving a magnified look to the design that is under it while protecting the colors of the print from any wear and tear. This method is mostly used for USB drives and other expensive electrical promotional items.

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