The World Of Online Advertising

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The world of advertising has taken the Internet by storm and only now is it all sinking in! Its cost-effectiveness on the web has revolutionized digital advertising altogether. Let’s see what the most popular methods of advertising on the web are:

Text ads

These are text-based hyperlink ads and do not contain graphic images. Text ads have done well in the field of affiliate marketing. Google Ads has shown that text ads can be far more effective than their otherwise dominant counterparts, the banner ads. These ads download almost instantaneously and ad blocking softwares do not affect them.

Display Ads

These ads are basically graphical based and are seen on non-search websites. These are often called banners and can vary in size and shape depending upon the location of display on the website and purpose of the ad. These can include text, pictures, logos and animations or videos. Their purpose is to draw the website visitor’s attention right away.


Pop-Up Ads

We’re all familiar with these! Pop-up ads appear in a new browser window as the visitor lands on a web page. Different methods of how they appear determine their types—the hover types, floating, or slide.

Flash / DHTML Ads

These are animated display ads that include Flash animation or other types of motion graphics. The newest types of these ads are integrated into the design of the website and work like pop-up ads.

Interstitial Ads

This is a full-page ad that appears when the user clicks, for example, on a link to view the entire content, but gets to see this ad before viewing the actual webpage. This has a link to skip the ad and sometimes also a countdown feature till the ad finishes. As these types of ads do not interfere with the user’s browsing experience, they are a preferred method of having ads.

Video Ads

These are an extremely popular form of delivering ads. Major search engines like Google and MSN offer advertising on their video websites.

Email Ads

When a publisher sends out email blasts for the purpose of rope in opt-ins, such ads are known as email ads or classified ads.

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