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Sep 29 2011

Facebook Set To Change User Experience…Again!

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Facebook is out to give Google Plus a run for its money….once more!! An overhaul of user profiles is in the offing which is beyond anything Facebook has done so far.

What is going to go–

–The single column wall post display will go for good!

–No more divided panels of Facebook profile pages

–No more scratching your head over how to view what a friend was doing a few years ago, what he/she looked like, etc.

What you will see–

–A lineup of tiles that exhibit status updates, photos, links, videos, etc., in a dual column arrangement

–A wide open space at the top of your profile where you can post your favorite image—it’s all about you!

Tunnel into history–

–Browsing posts and updates from anything more than a few months ago is tedious and near impossible on the current Facebook chronological structure

–A virtual timeline on your profile allows anyone clicking on it to go back to any year and view updates or content

Dynamic history–

–FB timeline will allow you to insert events, pictures, etc., for events you missed in the past but wanted to share

Apps galore—

–On viewing your timeline profile, friends can look at a set of new apps through which they get to know which movies you go to, which songs you love, or even your favorite activities

Works great on mobile as well as on desktop–

–It adapts well to mobile devices and their respective screen sizes and looks just as good as on desktops.

Access coming soon for all–

–Right now developers can get access by signing up. However, Facebook is going to launch it for the common user over the next weeks too!

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Sep 26 2011

Gear Up For Halloween With Promotional Items

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It’s almost October 31st and time for Halloween—our favorite fall holiday! Make this Halloween special for your employees, your existing, and potential customers by giving out promotional products that carry the festive spirit straight to their hearts along with your brand name.

Jack-o-lanterns, witches, ghosts and goblins, superstitions and apparitions are the focal point of the holiday for kids and adults alike. Add to the fun with promotional t-shirts, promotional toys, chocolates and candy. In fact, this is the season of tricks and treats! Why not treat your audiences to our exclusive range of promotional gifts and candies?! We have a delightful range of promotional candy, mints, chocolate pretzels, gourmet popcorn, cookie tins, and treat packets.

Promotional t-shirts can shout your custom message out to your prospects at any event this Halloween! You could put a grinning pumpkin or a boogeyman along with it on your chosen promotional t-shirt. How about a promotional product like a flashlight this Halloween, as most of the celebrations and festivity takes place at night. Promotional caps, mugs, and koozies too are business gift ideas that compliment Halloween events.

No party is complete without balloons! Give away custom imprinted balloons to ‘round off’ the festivity. Bring a touch of playfulness to your marketing strategy with promotional items and give them away neatly in customized Halloween bags.

View t-shirts by Hanes

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Sep 22 2011

What’s Your Twitter Traffic Quotient?

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Twitter has come to the rescue of website owners, social media marketers, news organizations, and the like, who want to keep track of how much referral traffic they get from Twitter with the announcement of a new Web Analytics tool, last week.

This tool is currently free and is in beta. It will help website owners determine three basic sets of information:

1.)    How much of their website content is being shared across Twitter

2.)    How much traffic comes from Twitter to their site

3.)    Gauge effectiveness of their Tweet Buttons.

The tool will initially be accessible to a select group of partners and go on to be available to all website owners in just a few weeks, reported Poynter’s Jeff Sonderman.

Twitter has over a 100 million users most of whom “tweet” on Twitter with the aim of increasing traffic to their websites, blogs, etc. Right now there are only a few options available for websites to analyze their Twitter-driven traffic, and what is available is not only pricey but seldom effective or reliable. Third party products like enterprise, Radian6, etc., disappoint at best! So this new tool from Twitter comes as some respite for all!

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Sep 22 2011

Why Google Loves Zagat

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Google has acquired Zagat! Called “The Gastronomic Bible” by Wall Street Journal, Zagat has come to become the loved brand of consumer survey-based reviews and information on where to eat, drink, dance, and stay anywhere locally or across the world.

Google is excited about the acquisition. Says Marissa Mayer of Google, “I’m thrilled that Google has acquired Zagat. Moving forward, Zagat will be a cornerstone of our local offering…enabling people everywhere to find extraordinary (and ordinary) experiences around the corner and around the world. With Zagat, we gain a world-class team that has more experience in consumer-based surveys, recommendations, and reviews than anyone else in the industry.”

The benefits to Google are clear, but there are lessons to be learnt for businesses from this.

Going Local:

Google is now increasingly giving importance to local searches than ever before. Research shows that 30% of all searches contain a city, state or zip code and the statistic of 2.6 billion local searches online per month shows that Google local search has almost completely wiped out Yellow Pages from people’s minds.

Every business is looking to increase leads and sales and generating targeted traffic to your website is of the essence. So going local is the key. Business owners everywhere must work on optimizing their site for local searches in order to reach the consumers that matter the most!


Reviews & Feedback From Consumers For Consumers:

Zagat believes “…that the shared opinions of thousands of avid consumers with real experiences are inherently more accurate than the opinions of just one or two critics.” Stats show 90% of online consumers trust peer recommendations while 70% rely on views and opinions of unknown users. Moreover, by getting feedback, reviews, and recommendations businesses get increased visibility online. Learning from Zagat’s example getting user-reviews is of paramount importance for online businesses.

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Sep 16 2011

The World Of Online Advertising

Published by under Business & Marketing

The world of advertising has taken the Internet by storm and only now is it all sinking in! Its cost-effectiveness on the web has revolutionized digital advertising altogether. Let’s see what the most popular methods of advertising on the web are:

Text ads

These are text-based hyperlink ads and do not contain graphic images. Text ads have done well in the field of affiliate marketing. Google Ads has shown that text ads can be far more effective than their otherwise dominant counterparts, the banner ads. These ads download almost instantaneously and ad blocking softwares do not affect them.

Display Ads

These ads are basically graphical based and are seen on non-search websites. These are often called banners and can vary in size and shape depending upon the location of display on the website and purpose of the ad. These can include text, pictures, logos and animations or videos. Their purpose is to draw the website visitor’s attention right away.


Pop-Up Ads

We’re all familiar with these! Pop-up ads appear in a new browser window as the visitor lands on a web page. Different methods of how they appear determine their types—the hover types, floating, or slide.

Flash / DHTML Ads

These are animated display ads that include Flash animation or other types of motion graphics. The newest types of these ads are integrated into the design of the website and work like pop-up ads.

Interstitial Ads

This is a full-page ad that appears when the user clicks, for example, on a link to view the entire content, but gets to see this ad before viewing the actual webpage. This has a link to skip the ad and sometimes also a countdown feature till the ad finishes. As these types of ads do not interfere with the user’s browsing experience, they are a preferred method of having ads.

Video Ads

These are an extremely popular form of delivering ads. Major search engines like Google and MSN offer advertising on their video websites.

Email Ads

When a publisher sends out email blasts for the purpose of rope in opt-ins, such ads are known as email ads or classified ads.

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