How Do People Perceive Your Brand?

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So you’re at a tradeshow where you are promoting your business. You’re showcasing your product or service and also promoting your website. Handouts, personal introductions, samples, giveaways…the works!

What is all this communicating about your brand? What is your message to your audiences? That indelible first impression—is it going to make them come back to your business, and your brand, time and again, or are they leaving on the first flight out of ‘bore-their-brains-out’ country?!

Your business ethic and belief inevitably come across through your interactions with your clients and prospects. Your website, the pamphlets, verbal communications—all speak your mind, your psychology behind your business.

1)      The Vaguer-Than-Vegas-But-Just-As-Crazy Brand:

Now here’s a business that knows not what it wants to achieve, who to interact with, who to sell to, how to market its product or service, and gropes in the dark just about everything. Such a business is aping ideas and strategies from other businesses. It tarnishes the brand image drastically. Borrowing ideologies cannot sustain any business as people are very perceptive about such lack of direction and any sagacious buyer will drop such a business faster than a hot coal!

The remedy is to figure out everything in your mind first. What is it that matters to you? What is your objective and then translate that into your business.

2)      The Loudmouth Business:

We’ve all seen such business owners. You ask them “what do you do?” and you get an epic of a reply! You’re left wondering if they’re ever going to stop, if they really have accomplished all that they claim to…if they are for real?!

You need to focus on what is most unique and interesting about your business. Your message to your audiences has to be succinct and clear. Create the interest just enough and then stop right there!

3)      The Crazy Scientist Brand:

Trying out everything and not sustaining any effort long enough is awfully irritating to your clients and prospects. Changing your offerings, your services, your message, your website over and over again shows loud and clear that you haven’t quite found what your ideology is, or found your commitment yet!

The best way to overcome this propensity is to believe in one particular project and carry it out to its end, to its fruition. There has to be commitment in every undertaking and a willingness to brave any odds.

Such measures are a sure shot to success and will guarantee a brand image that’s going to go down in the business hall of fame!

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