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MySpace was sold for a reported $35 million

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Facebook has managed to leapfrog MySpace by a mile and a double with over 700 million members, 157 million visitors in the month of May alone, and an ad revenue of $2.2 billion!

How did it happen that a business which started in a Harvard dorm room overpowered and brought down to its knees another that was started long before and even had corporate backing?

a) One theory goes that “Facebook was more effectively designed to appeal to young Internet users than MySpace was.”b) Another theory is that News Corp. simply “did not understand the Internet well enough to steer MySpace toward regular Internet users, and instead tried to use the social network as an instrument to promote its Fox products.”c) Or was it the advertising clutter on MySpace that did it in? MySpace struck an advertising deal with Google and since then the site was replete with marketing messages.

What do you think it was?

Gary Taylr

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  1. Rigetteon 14 Mar 2012 at 3:52 pm

    Too bad myspace never recovered, same with friendster, and now with all the annoying advertisements showing up on youtube, I guess they will follow.

    Rigette Saycon
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