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Jun 22 2011

First Impressions DO Count For Your Website

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No, we are not talking about the adornments and embellishments on your landing pages! It’s not a Van Gogh visual marvel that your customers seek when they come to your website. That helps, but only as far as the thrill ride at Disney World might last (probably much shorter)!

Think about this—how often do you go looking for a website, saying to yourself, “I want to check out some cool sites today!” Exactly…next to never! People are looking for something else and we should explore this further.

The second mistake most websites make is with that feverish sales pitch that they scarcely manage to contain. When your visitors land on your site and are bombarded with “buy this…buy that,” they just want to plug their ears and probably bounce off your website faster than a flea off a dinosaur’s back! Stop and think…and then think again! Yes, people do like to shop and buy, but you simply cannot forget the marketing gospel, that people do not like to be sold to!

How is Amazon an online leviathan? Is it a “bells and whistles” website? Not even close! Is it shouting down a megaphone “…you gotta buy this!!! You won’t get this offer again!” Yea, like maybe on Mars! Amazon has managed to do something most others miss out on totally. It has gained and built up trust with its customers. It has thought about how the user/visitor can benefit most.

Begin with an analysis of your website through webmaster tools. You would need to see how long do people stay on your page; what keywords do they use; how many leave after viewing the landing page; and so on. The answers will tell you if and where you are going wrong.

To be able to reorient your business, and then your website, you need to get into the user’s mind. What do people look for? The answer is—‘information’ and ‘solutions.’ Giving them what THEY want is the beginning of building a bridge, beginning of a relationship. People need to feel that you don’t see them as just a credit card or a wallet. When your page gives them some kind of help or benefit, they will be more likely to stay longer on your page and to check out your products/services. Once they put their implicit faith in you, they will not only buy from you, but go a step further and recommend you to others they know. Now, that’s what we call business!

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Jun 08 2011

Cyberattacks From China On Gmail…An Act Of War?

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Once again internet wars between Google and China continue to fuel the political cinders. A cyberattack has been launched by China with a breach of Gmail accounts of hundreds of high-profile individuals in several nations, or at least that is what the tech giant claimed on June 1, 2011.

U.S. and United Kingdom military officials, just a day prior to this, acknowledged that nation-spurred cyberattacks could be an act of war. With reports of frequent break-ins at major defense operations and other similar disclosures, one wonders if there is some meat to these claims.

Google is calling it a deliberate attempt to mar the Gmail service by making the problem appear to be with the service itself. Google representatives stated “We have checked extensively. This is a government blockage carefully designed to look like the problem is with Gmail.” Eric Grosse, engineering director of Google’s security team, said that in a campaign to collect Gmail users’ passwords, the hackers targeted the accounts of “senior U.S. government officials, Chinese political activists, officials in several Asian countries (predominantly South Korea), military personnel and journalists.”

However, Google is not new to this in the country. Since 2006 when they first entered the Chinese market the two have exchanged blows that seem one too many. Even so, Google has had to submit to the demands of the eastern giant time and again. The Chinese market is just too large to erase and forget and so Google succumbed to the Chinese demands and applied censorship policy to the service.

So what one wonders is that Google doing it again?—going down on its knees in the face of losing a market of 338 million customers, because in spite of the cyberattack claims from the Chinese, it hasn’t as yet struck back. Google perhaps has come to terms with the fact that it has landed in a ‘hot-and-sour’ soup by entering this market and must keep a defensive stance, knowing what is at stake.

Another debate that this entire episode has sparked off is that of whether this whole cyberattack was a “phishing” attempt or was it “hacking”? What do you think? Is it phishing, hacking, or an ACT OF WAR? Tell us all your views!

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Jun 06 2011

Independence Day Contest by Promo Direct

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“Jason Bogar was the youngest of Carlene Cross’s three children. Carlene says, as an only boy with two older sisters, he kept them all on their toes, growing up in Seattle. She described her son as “a great, fun-loving guy.” An avid soccer player and artist, he planned on enrolling in art school when he got home from Afghanistan.

Carlene says her son believed in what he was doing. He was “always reaching out to the people and the children” of Afghanistan. She says he constantly volunteered for any humanitarian missions, and he would often try to connect with the children during his time overseas.

Jason also wrote a portentous letter to his family in which he wrote, ‘I feel my days are numbered so I want to say all this while I still can. I pray to god no-one will ever have to read this but as death is all around me if it falls upon me you will understand my recent feelings on this madness we call life…I was just starting to live my life…Never have I felt as strong as I do about what I am doing here in Afghanistan is the right thing to be doing and is understood and accepted by god. As a result of that death is easier to accept.’

Cpl. Jason Bogar died July 13, 2008 during a fierce battle in Wanat, Afghanistan that also claimed the lives of eight other soldiers.”—excerpted from

  • Only business owners or those part of some business entity can participate in this contest
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  • The last date to submit your Independence Day Entries is 4th July 2011
  • There will be only one selected winner
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  • The winner will be declared on the Promo Direct blog and On Facebook
  • The ideas submitted with respect to the contest should not be abusive or offensive in anyway what-so-ever


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