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May 31 2011

The history of E-commerce — Since 1979

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Since the development of the World Wide Web (www), E-commerce has attained rapid popularity. Right from shopping platforms for business to business (B to B) to its progress to business to Consumer (B to C), the growth has been speedy and very profiting. So much so that E-commercewebsites are now one of the major contributors to the American economy.Have you ever wondered about the beginnings and development of the E-commerce websites?  Here is a detailed graph by ZippyCart, which will trace back the history of E-commerce for you.

As this graph explains, E-commerce has been one of the most profitable businesses in the online world. It also shows the tremendous progress that the Ecommerce world is making. This graph assures that E-commerce can take our economy a long way.

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May 23 2011

Outdoor and Indoor Promotional Products

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There is no doubt that giving away promo items is one of the finest ways to boost your business. However, the type of product that you give plays a vital role in the success of your marketing strategy. One of the chief considerations in the selection is between outdoor or indoor promotional items. Here are some pointers that will help you make a selection:

Visibility:  The visibility of your brand will depend on the placement of a promo item. For instance if you give away outdoor promo products like promotional lounge chairs, they will give your brand name a lot of exposure when in use. However, these products are actually used once-in-a-while, so they have little recall value. Business gifts like promotional T-shits and bags, on the other hand are used frequently indoors and outdoors so will get both brand visibility and recall value for your brand.

Use:  The frequency of the use of the promotional products has a huge impact on a marketing campaign. Outdoor items like flyers are used sparingly and have a low recall value. However, they hold a high esteem value, which can be leveraged for brand promotion. Indoor products however, are used frequently and have a high recall value.

Business Type:  Choosing a corporate gift that resembles your business type helps your customers to associate your brand name with the product. For instance, if your business deals in making house keys, a key holder would make a good business gift. Similarly, if your business deals in selling home appliances, you might want to giveaway household promotional items.

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May 15 2011

How to Write a Persuasive Business Message

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Worried if your business mail will be lost with the several unread messages in your customers’ mailbox? Effective communication might just help you to get your mail noticed by your customers. Here are some effective business tipsthat you could use to make your business mail stand out among the rest:

To the point writing: If your business mail is chunky, the reader might miss the real point of your message. Besides, no one likes to wade through long mails. Keeping your business mail short and concise could help you stay focused and also makes it easy for the customers to read your proposal. However, take care not to hard sell because this might put off your clients. Instead you could talk of your business in the mail and subtly mention your business strengths in it.

Target audience: Using the language that your target audience can relate to is a great way to build an inter-personal relationship with them. Simple tricks like starting your mail with a casual “how are you doing?” could help because it sends across a warm feeling and makes your target audience (customers) feel wanted.

Be creative: Everyone likes a joke or a witty remark. It is a smart advertizing idea to add these or come up with other creative ideas to make your business mail engaging. By adding some interesting and eye catching lines, your business mail and consequently your business will come across as smart to your customers.

A business mail is very important because it represents your business to your customers. You could use the tips above to craft a great business mail and portray a positive picture of your business to your clients.

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May 13 2011

The Know-How of Promotional Products Industry

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Have you ever received a promotional product? A pen, a T-shirt, or even a coffee mug with some business name imprinted on it? The advertizing idea of giving away promotional items has gained widespread popularity since its inception in 1789. There is hardly anyone in the world today who does not receive a promo item at least once in their life. Here is a very creative chart that will give you interesting details about this widespread industry.

As depicted in the chart above, promotional products industry gains $15.6 million in revenue per year. Several surveys suggest that promotional items have an effective recall value, are great giveaways for brand building exercises, and inspire customer loyalty too!! A lot of businesses leverage this popular advertizing medium to their benefit by giving away promo items at their annual celebrations, tradeshows, and even business meetings.  So, while planning an advertizing campaign next time, it might work well for you to have a budget kept aside for promotional giveaways and see your business soar to success!!

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May 05 2011

re-Green Contest WINNER!!!

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On asking RV Harbor about how do they feel after winning the prize, this is what they wrote:

“RV Harbor is thrilled to have won the Promo Direct re-Green Contest.  Our entire staff worked together to come up with the ideas to submit, and we are all glad that we were chosen from the 52 participants.  We really do hope that we inspire other companies to try out at least one or two of the ideas.  Every little bit helps when it comes to our environment, and it is easier than people think to make a difference at the workplace.  Our thanks to Promo Direct for hosting a contest that focuses on being “Green” at the office.  We also thank Promo Direct for having some great products that are recycled, organic, and biodegradable.  We have actually ordered the tote bags that Promo Direct offers to give to new customers and to help spread the word about being environmentally friendly.  The prize of these pens will be an excellent addition to the tote bag we give away and we are proud to have tried our best to make a difference. Thanks again to Promo Direct!

We would like to congratulate RV Harbor for their efforts and the idea they submitted in our re-Green contest. The contest received lots of responses, and fast became a buzz word in the promo product industry. There were some brilliant suggestions from you guys! Our panel of judges considered all of them and then narrowed down to a list of two finalists.  The winner was finally selected by the entire team after several deliberations.

Thank you for your participation!


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