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Mar 06 2011

New Product Category at Promo Direct – Trade show Banners & Displays

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Promo Direct understands that the world of business is constantly changing with the revolutions that take place at a lightning speed. With the progression of sciences and other streams, there are new discoveries at every dawn. Additions to technology change attitudes, behaviors and consequently demands. To meet up with these rapidly changing needs Promo Direct constantly adds new promotional products to its catalog.

Promo Direct has launched a new category namely, “Banners and Displays” that has promo items to be used in trade shows, festivals and exhibitions. You will find promotional items dealing in all ranges, right from fun banners like their range of sail sign banners to more formal ones like the billboard straight floor. Their array of total show kits are ideal to set up a stall, for it includes several banners in different sizes and shapes to be placed at different points.

Banners and displays at any event or a show are the basic necessity. They act as your identification and drive traffic for you. Not having a recognition banner at a stall is like asking your client to solve a puzzle by walking into different allies, hitting dead ends and finally reaching you. The potential client might be put off with the idea of playing the hunt game, and you might end up missing a business lead. All your other efforts of selecting tradeshow giveaways and investing money in promotional giveaways would be wasted then. Select a banner offered by Promo Direct and ensure that your clients find you easily.

There are several other promotional items that Promo Direct has recently added. You might want to consider new options like USB drives, eco-friendly bottles, custom-printing white bandages and many more that would increase your brand value and promote your business effectively.

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Mar 03 2011

How Facebook become so powerful – A Facebook Tale

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When you hear about facebook, you think of it as an entity paramount in revolutionizing the world of social networking or as a site that set another milestone in the world of internet and search engines. An unchallenged giant of social networking as of now, facebook has all the eyes glued on every move it makes.  The movie “The Social Network” based on the founder of facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, won three Golden Globe awards, and led to a significant rise in the interest for the same. The glory of this site is such that it has become unavoidable for anyone to not take interest in it.Facebook started its journey in the year 2004 as an internal social networking website for the Harvard University. With easy success as an intranet service, the potential of the website was expanded as it stepped out and made appearance in the world beyond the university doors. The success story was repeated again and facebook became very popular the world over. The lawsuits and a long battle fought between two Harvadians over the ownership of the site then started. However, the popularity of the site remained undiminished and its impact is now looming large as it sets forth to achieve new milestones.

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What has made this website such a success in the world? With some analysis, there are a few hidden secrets that are revealed. You can learn and implement them in your business development strategy as well:

Market Analysis: Market analysis is elementary for any new business venture. It is common knowledge and followed by almost all. However, if the data assimilated is used more creatively and looked at with a new viewpoint, it reveals some unseen pattern that is very useful. The popularity of facebook lies in the fact that during inception they directly addressed the most important demand that the students of the university were facing that is the lack of a social networking site.

Stick to your principles:  One of the secrets behind the success of facebook is its strict adherence to its core principle. One of the employees of facebook says in their blog, “ …Facebook is a work in progress. We constantly try to improve things and we understand that our work isn’t perfect. We appreciate the thousands of you who have written in to give us feedback…”  To realize that there is more to achieve is an essential business tip. Knowing that there is more to be done, keeps audiences intrigued about your new business plans and keeps your employees motivated too.

With these business planning and marketing tips inspired from facebook, it is easy to gauge at the market and make an impeccable business success plan.

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Mar 03 2011

Effects of “No Promotional Products” on the businesses

What do you do when there is a commercial advertisement to interrupt your favorite television program?  Most of us would say that “I change the channel, surf around or get some task done as I wait for the show to begin”.  In that case, the effect of the advertisement being played out on the television is completely lost. On the other hand, think of the promotional pens or promotional bagsthat you have received. They get used in the everyday life. How many times do you look at the logo while using a promotional pen or bag? This simple day-to-day analysis speaks volumes on the advertising effect of the promo items as against the traditional medium of advertising.

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The cost comparison reveals that promotional products are more pocket friendly than the other traditional forms of advertising. There is a significant saving on the repeat impression of the advertisement on giving the promotional product as against a radio or TV advertisement. According to a study conducted by the PPAI on the impact, influence and cost per impression of promotional products on the consumer, reveal the following data:

  • 73% of those who used the promotional product that they had received stated that they used it at least once a week
  • 45.2% used it at least once a day

The greater the frequency of exposure, the lower the cost per Impression

What if there were no promotional products then?

  • Among several others, for one, the budgetary considerations assigned for advertising would be significantly higher even for a small business.
  • The chief traffic driver to the exhibitions, trade shows or even conferences for a common man is the “FREE GIFT”. This would not be available then. The result, lesser visibility.

All this cumulates into lower sales, lower chances at brand building and in turn less business development. It would not be an overstatement to say then that if there were no promotional products, the world of advertising would not exist as we see it today.

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