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Feb 26 2011

Stories for Brand and Business Building: Tell us your story!

Do you like reading stories? Have you grown up reading them? Did you have role models that you worshiped after you read them for weeks when you were young?

Stories are gripping. If told in an interesting way, they create a new world for you. They create a world of possibilities and that of dreams too. The role models in the story are the characters, who have performed commendable feats, or have accomplished a simple task with commendable precision.  Now convert all this into the world of business, and the hero’s become business tycoons and the stories that they play in, become their successful businesses, their new business ventures, the difficulties they grapple with and the new ways in which they conquered them.

Stories work a long way in establishing a brand identity for a product. They change the mundane world of numbers and names into interesting ones. They talk of the company and the struggles that it has undertaken and emerged successfully later. Instead of filling your website with brazen descriptions then, it would be a great business tips to convert them into stories?

“The Google Story” by David A. Vise is a fantastic example of the way in which the struggles of a business, its achievements and trials become a story and helps the firm establish itself as a special brand name and carve an identity for itself.

However, if you think that only famous people can write their stores or have them written, that is not true.  A mass media platform like a website is effective enough to narrate your tale. For instance, if your business deals in promotional products you could weave a beautiful and a realistic tale of how promotional items and business gifts became your own means to grow your own business.

Stories capture audiences. And they are rarely tapped as a potential medium for advertizing and branding.  This idea is sure to generate interest in your business and ensure a better sale for you. Here in fact is an idea- email your business story at and you stand a chance to get your story posted on our esteemed Promo Direct Blog and Facebook page.

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Feb 24 2011

The Twitter buy-off and the Lessons Learnt from It

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Rumor has it the second time over, that Google and Facebook are in “low level” talks with Twitter for business acquisition.  Several businesses and analysts have been thinking of the pros and cons of this move and the impact it will have on the two business giants. Another important point of consideration is the reason a growing business like Twitter might want to sell itself.

The answers to these questions are fairly simple really. Caught between two industry giants looking to monopolize the market in their respective domains, twitter cannot establish a spectrum of its own. Besides, reluctant to turn its venture commercial, Twitter incurs growing losses each year. However, as a part of either Facebook or Google, twitter has much to gain in financial terms and otherwise. On the part of these companies, this micro-blogging site, represents a treasure-trove of information that is sure to give these two giants a value added service and in turn more customers.

This analysis leads us to the most pertinent question, namely what lessons can we learn to make a strategic business plan for our business development from this occurrence.

One of the main learning lessons is that Acquisitions are not all that evil. Off-course they are evil for the employees working there. They are even evil for those at the selling point in certain ways, for they tuck in their feet to sell out on the basic morals and principles that governed their functioning in the first place. However, an acquisition also defines smart business sense, which can save a more drastic result by “holding on” rather than selling when there is “still time”. When the choice lies between losing jobs completely or having to deal with a new management, what would you rather take?

Also as opposed to the popular perception of things, acquisitions does not necessarily mean, a failed business. The case in the point is obviously Twitter, which has new user sign-ups each day. Their add placement on the site lately also suggests that they are not really drowning down. This then is a classic case of “thinking ahead of time”. A smart business idea then would be to think ahead, be aware of the ongoing in the businesses you deal in and the approximate outcome result.

A new business idea to get from the Google-Facebook-Twitter dealing is to understand that there are newer avenues which always open up for any business no matter its huge success or even faliure. It is upto us to not be drastically bogged down or be scared by the business developments, but to implement new business strategy to move ahead and conquer situations.

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Feb 22 2011

Breaking News: Ban on Promotional Products distribution in the State Agencies of California

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The governor of California has declared that there will be a ban on the distribution of promotional products in all the Californian state agencies and departments. With the state departments being one of the major clients in the promotional products industry, this news is estimated to impact the businesses of about five thousand which deal in the promo items industry directly.  Apart from this, it will also impact several companies which rely directly on business gifting to state agencies for their growth.

The different promotional products associations, like PPAI, SAAC and PMANC have joined hands to help the businesses regain revenues. These agencies are also trying to inform the governor on the long term losses that the state will have to incur due to this rather drastic step. To participate in the drive against this decision, please click here and contact PPAI if you fulfill the criteria.

If you think this step is rather drastic and unfair, you are welcome to voice your opinions under the comments section.

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Feb 18 2011

Digital vs. Offset Printing: Decide which one is better for you

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If you had to select between varied printing options a few decades ago, your choice in selecting offset printing would have been simple. However, with technology upgrades, the selection is now varied and difficult. It is therefore necessary to delve in and understand the process that of the two most popular printing options-Offset and Digital.

Offset printing, popularly known as offset lithography, involves etching the required image on a metallic plate. Then the image is transferred to a rubber surface, cylindrical in shape, from which it is shifted to the material of print. Digital printing needs transfer of an image from a computer to a metal sheet. Then the print is transferred on the actual material from the sheet.

For anyone adapting the promotional marketing strategy of the first time, the choices might seem overwhelming. However, beneath the seeming cacophony of different printing mediums, some basic principles make selections easy.  These are few simple and straightforward ideas that will help make your decision simple:

Quantity:  The larger the number of promotional products you wish to be printed, the lesser the cost per product. Even though this formula holds true for both the mediums, offset printing is more cost effective for bulks.

Quality: Quality prints are compromised for lithography method as they need manual segregation and balance between oil and water. Digital printing however does not have too much of manual handling which ensures speck free quality printing.

Colors: Usage of colors in offset lithography is rare for it can undertake only two color printing. However, digital printing has a four color print technology. So, if you need to print in color, go for the digital medium.

Time:  If you are in a rush to send your business gifts, it is wise to stick to digital printing. With the elimination of several stages in the printing process, the digital prints are often delivered faster.

Printing Surface: While digital printing works well on the paper, both glossy and plain, it cannot print on any other medium. So if you are planning to print your logo or text on some promo items like promotional pens, you will have to use offset printing.

With these pointers is it easy to gauge that your selection of printing on promotional items cannot merely depend on the latest technology offered to you. You need to keep in mind that both methods have their pluses and minuses and the best selection depends on the type of promotional item to be printed.

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Feb 11 2011

Factors to consider while choosing your promotional give away

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I was recently looking at several websites that do business in promotional gifting. While scanning through, I saw a certain trend in the items that are sold on the websites.  I got thinking and saw why it was so. Unlike other gifting items, promotional giftshas a set target and an end goal which determines the gift to give. So we should always lay emphasis on the kind of gift selected as a giveaway. This essentially determines the success or the failure of your marketing. Some of the prime factors to consider while choosing your gift are:

Your Target Audience: If your gift does not make the receiver happy, the entire purpose of gifting is lost. A non-appreciated gift would most probably not be used frequently. In that case the brownie points from the display of your company’s logo in public would be entirely lost.  Besides, it would also mean a loss in the brand loyalty that you would otherwise generate from pleasing the costumer.

Effectiveness of the product you gift: This concern can determine the success of your give away venture. If the product has no value or of very little usage value in day-to-day life, your aim to build a brand or popularize it through a gift would be entirely futile. However, there is another side to consider as well that focuses on disturbing high-end luxury products. In this case, the limited number of quality luxury products would create esteem for your brand and make your give away a coveted product.

With these factors in mind, you are sure to choose that perfect promotional giveaway that would ensures success.

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