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Donate for a Cause and earn accolades for your Business

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I am a firm believer in the ‘what goes around comes around’ – in business, just as much in life! Its probably for this reason that I subscribe to certain causes that have considerably facilitated my growth as an individual and as a businessman! And a latest post on

Share quick & make brand promotion stick with the new LinkedIn Share Button

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LinkedIn has finally gone the Twitter and Facebook way – possibly a step further – and introduced a LinkedIn Share buttonthrough which users can share information or content on their profiles as well as on LinkedIn Groups.  I know … I know that such forums for brand positioning were

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Its that time of the year again! When every day is soaked in cheer and snow, Merriment and joy abound, Wish your employees and clients twice around Once for X’mas and then New Year’s too, Through promotional gifts that speak for you   I am super excited! Its my

Have a healthy New Year

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The New Year’s around the corner and I am sure potential resolutions are already wreaking havoc in your mind. Thinking that resolutions are meant to be broken? Think again…think Michael Moore rather and you’ll know what I am getting at. The very obviously overweight doc film-maker has taken a

The famous and the forgettables of Google & Twitter- 2010

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Google’s annual most searched list – the Google Zeitgeist is out! Celebrities, movies, music and chat sites dominate the list. The US list of’ fastest rising’ and the ‘fastest falling’ is exactly half similar to the global searches with a few positional changes of course. IPad may have come

WikiLeaks wisdom – Business tips you learn from the controversy king.

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Its controversial and its criticized; yet no one can dispute that WikiLeaks is here to stay! Be it the non-profit new media organization’s methodical leaks about America’s closely guarded secrets or its smug readiness to tackle any form of censorship that comes its way, there are a lot many

Be positive about negative publicity.

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Am seething and I only read about it! Imagine the frustration felt by the DecorMyEyes (a that deals in specialty glasses) client who did not get the glasses she had ordered, had her complaints sabotaged and got a mail from the company proprietor who smugly described his strategic business

Of Happy Employees and Happening Sales!

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Seen how a beautiful pattern gradually unfolds in front of your eyes when a line of dominoes rhythmically slide into each other? A successful business development strategy embodies this too; happy employees = happy clients = rising sales = happy You, and the beautiful pattern spells ‘Success’. Read on

The Brand image contest – and the winner is…Customer loyalty!

Picture this: You are the owner of ‘Successfully Successful’ – an imaginary company that has everything going right for it. Your branding strategies are impeccable – you believe that ‘new’ never gets ‘old’ and regularly update your gradually increasing products and services catalog, you diligently make your presence felt