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Nov 13 2010

Pamper your kids on Universal children’s day

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On this Universal Children’s Day (November 20)Make up……for all those missed birthdays and skipped vacations that work demanded
…for those expectant faces you left in the morning and the gloomy ones you returned to at night
…for all those night-time stories that were left unsaid
…for those hours of play that work swallowed up

Celebrate this Universal Children’s Day not as bosses or employees but as parents or as guardians of the children of the world.

Spread the cheer amongst those near and dear.

Proudly declare that November 20 will be a day dedicated to the children of the world. A simple way to let your office, neighborhood and community know about the specialty of the day would be to wear it. Give out promotional items like Custom Awareness bracelets imprinted with the ‘Celebrate Childhood’ message to your employees or church members. Make them a part of the celebration.

Why should kids have all the fun!

Use this day to bring out the child in you and your employees and gift them bright promotional t-shirts that wish them a Happy Children’s Day. Designate this day as employer-employee interaction day and organize games at your workplace like guessing childhood nicknames, asking every staff member to get their childhood photos and run a contest about who is the little girl/boy in the picture. The day will pass but the camaraderie you create during those hours of fun will stay on for a long time.

Gift a smile.

Go home early to your kids and let your employees do the same too. Gift a smile to as many children as you can. You can treat the kids in your neighborhood to a surprise candy treat, or gift drawstring bags filled with goodies like personalized stationery, coloring books and crayons to your nearest child welfare center.

Celebrate their future,
Celebrate their smiles,
Celebrate Universal Children’s Day,
Having fun all the while!

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Nov 09 2010

Wisdom behind analyzing consumer behavior

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What is the ideal business mantra?Sell what a consumer wants to buy or make him/her buy what you sell?Over time, I have sided with either or both of these, but one factor has always simplified it all for me; that of ‘relevance’. Consumer behavior defines the various kinds of relevancies that come to the fore when your target makes his decision to buy or not to buy your products.

Grasp over consumer behavior helps you to make every tiny business decision, a perfect one. For that, you first need to know what makes your customer behave the way he/she does.

A quick rundown on what makes up relevancies…

Some products are gender-specific and this is the most obvious relevancy to categorize your consumer group.

Consumers of different age-groups have different preferences.

One gets labeled as a ‘consumer’ when he/she gets purchasing power. Thanks to class differences the purchasing power differs from person to person and so does their choice of products.

Preferences vary across geographical divisions too.

Where does all this fit in?

Once you have determined whether any or many of these can predict your target group’s consumer behavior, the next step would be to ensure that all aspects of your marketing are tuned to that relevancy.

Ad-campaigns – You will be amazed at how small, seemingly unconnected cues can earn you customers. Know the relevancy that defines your target group; ensure the ideas in your ad-campaign represent those of your consumers. Those who watch the campaign will surely identify with it.

Marketing techniques – Understanding your consumers’ behavior will also help you chalk out different ways to reach out to them. There are some who like receiving ‘free’ gifts irrespective of the value they symbolize. Small promotional giveaways like promotional pens, key-chains, toys and novelties will win them over. But, on the other hand, some like receiving sophisticated promotional products like golf kits, customized tool-kits etc.

Know your customer, and take a step closer to success.

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Nov 06 2010

How to answer your customer’s complaints gently

Many feel that ‘positive criticism’ is a polite way to say ‘You suck! So better pull up your socks!’ In business, this reality check comes to us in the form of customer complaints. No one likes to be told ‘you are doing a bad job’ but isn’t it much better than dreaded ‘I told you so?’According to the Technical Assistance Research Program (TARP) study that was commissioned by the White House Office of Consumer Affairs, 56 %-70 % of the customers who come up to you with complaints, will do business with you again if you resolve their issue.The bottom-line therefore to treat your customer complaints as a blessing in disguise, hear them out and resolve them on a priority basis. Swift and satisfactory complaint redressal can be a priority point in your marketing strategies as well. Read these simple tips that will help you win over even your most irate customer.

The complaint busters!

Designate employees specifically for troubleshooting customer complaints. A customer’s irritation will increase even more if he is calling to complain but is not given any avenues to vent.

Start with a ‘sorry’ and end with a smile!

Train those employees in the art of listening and the virtue of patience. Your pep talk can include…

  • Receive calls by saying – ‘How may I help you. Sorry for the trouble caused.’
  • Don’t cut the complainant short when he is mid-way through his complaint.
  • Don’t justify, argue, abuse or deny.
  • End the call with a cheery ‘thank you’ or ‘we will try to not give you a reason to call us again.’

Add a gift of appreciation to your apology!

An unexpected gift can wipe the frown your client’s face, and replace it with a smile. Order promotional items to gift your clients and imprint them with a ‘Sorry, won’t happen again’ or ‘Oops’. These promotional gifts act like a salve and your customers will believe you instead of being wary, when you say that their complaint is important to you.

Redress and remember!

No business is perfect and complaints will never cease. Keep a tab on the type of complaints you receive, how long it takes to address them, whether there are repeated complaints from a particular customer or repeated complaints about a particular issue, from different customers. Also request them for feedback after their complaint has been resolved.

Believe that the customer is always right and don’t let him out of your sight.

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Nov 03 2010

A multi-purpose promotional flashlight

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Her footsteps echo as she walks down to her car, the lone one in the deserted parking lot. The dingy bulbs die out as she rummages in her bag, hoping to hear the welcome tinkle of her keys. Even as she fights the rising waves of panic, her fingers suddenly clasp around a tiny rectangle and her handbag is filled with light. Her car keys glint from a corner of the bag and soon she is in the safe confines of her car. Her mind repeatedly mutters silent ‘thank yous’ as she backs her car out of the lot. A relieved smile playing on her lips, she blesses the company that had distributed the flashlight when she had attended their tradeshow. Such things do happen. Brands win over their loyalists in a matter of seconds. Disconnected events do wonders for your brand promotions that even planned promotional events struggle to achieve. Just like the promotional flashlight saved the damsel in distress in this fictional account, it can bring your brand into the limelight too!It is true that promotional products are important tools for brand marketing. But merely imprinting your logo on an item that is devoid of any use, or provides limited utility, won’t attract the popularity you hope to achieve. I would rate promotional flashlights as ideal promotional items because of three factors.

  1. High utility
  2. Low cost
  3. Portable

These summarize the thoughts that course through my mind as an entrepreneur, when I contemplate which business promotional items to gift my employees or my clients. And when my clients tell me that they enjoy multi-purpose flashlights more than only one-feature torches, I am not surprised. If I was given a gift that has more than one use, I would be gleeful too!

It is amazing what all this tiny product can offer. There are flashlights attached with key chains or carabiners that ensure the user never leaves or loses them. Then there are flashlights which are pocket friendly thanks to their small size. You have Clip On book lights for easy reading and Laser pointer flashlights that become an integral part of presentations. There are LED flashlights that showcase your ‘green’ preference and aluminum flashlights that give a glossy backdrop for your logo.

Do you get it now? Why make your brand promotions bland when multi-purpose promotional flashlights can make them grand!

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