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The true colors of successful branding strategies!

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When you see an apple, do you recognize it by its shape or by its color? Never thought so profoundly before gobbling up the fruit, did you! According to an ingenious team of researchers from Vanderbilt University, apparently an area in our brain is divided in such a manner

Engraving vs Printing: Imprinting that offers long-term brand identity?

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Tell me, when you choose promotional items to give as corporate gifts you also give an extra inch of thought about how you will customize them, right? What guides your choice of imprinting process; its cost, the effect it generates or the effect’s durability?For instance an embroidered logo gives

What and How of Brand Essence in small business advertising

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‘Have skin as soft as a baby’s’… No images need to accompany this slogan; the power of imagination has already won over the women. Not surprising then that many Chinese women have begun taking a collagen drink – the product this ad campaign endorses – which promises women youthful

Social Media – for friendship or business marketing?

Those of you who start, spend and end their day on social networks, use it for online business opportunities and take pride in their rapidly widening virtual friend/follower-circle, am sure you haven’t missed two ‘gasp, choke and splutter’ events related to social media, that each of the past two

Online business opportunities on Social Media – The Facebook Marketplace

As a teenager I loved the garage sales in my neighborhood primarily because they stimulated and satiated my curiosity. I have purchased some really amazing stuff from these sales over the years and some of them still stay with me, as fond collectibles. As an adult I got to

Pamper your kids on Universal children’s day

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On this Universal Children’s Day (November 20)Make up……for all those missed birthdays and skipped vacations that work demanded …for those expectant faces you left in the morning and the gloomy ones you returned to at night …for all those night-time stories that were left unsaid …for those hours of

Wisdom behind analyzing consumer behavior

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What is the ideal business mantra?Sell what a consumer wants to buy or make him/her buy what you sell?Over time, I have sided with either or both of these, but one factor has always simplified it all for me; that of ‘relevance’. Consumer behavior defines the various kinds of

How to answer your customer’s complaints gently

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Many feel that ‘positive criticism’ is a polite way to say ‘You suck! So better pull up your socks!’ In business, this reality check comes to us in the form of customer complaints. No one likes to be told ‘you are doing a bad job’ but isn’t it much

A multi-purpose promotional flashlight

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Her footsteps echo as she walks down to her car, the lone one in the deserted parking lot. The dingy bulbs die out as she rummages in her bag, hoping to hear the welcome tinkle of her keys. Even as she fights the rising waves of panic, her fingers