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Sep 11 2010

4 Effective Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

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Did you know that 22nd September is American Businesswoman’s Day?Women-owned organizations comprise forty percent of all firms in the United States, according to the Center for Women’s Business Research.Have you always dreamed of being your own boss but don’t know how to go about it?
Here are 5 tips to get you started:

  • Plan

Many start-ups fail due to insufficient planning. The first step to a successful business is putting your business vision and mission on paper. Once you’ve know exactly what your business goals are you can plan your marketing activities, accordingly.

  • Market

You might be offering a great product or service but it won’t matter if customers don’t know about you. For most new enterprises, lack of a sufficient budget is the reason for not engaging in promotional activities. However, promotion need not be expensive. There are cheaper alternatives to mainstream marketing. Instead of spending mega bucks on Television and print commercials, opt for economical marketing methods such as Promotional Giveaways. The major benefit of Business Promotional Products like pens and calendars imprinted with your company logo is that they are retained by recipients for long periods of time (research has shown that most people hold on to Promotional Products for a year, on average) You can give away corporate gifts to your suppliers, partners, customers and employees to promote your brand and enhance your brand image.

  • Be prepared

You never know who is visiting your store or reading your blog or website. An influential client or potential business partner may visit your website or walk in to you store at any time so always be prepared. Ensure your staff is well-trained and friendly. Update your website and blog regularly.

  • Listen and learn

American Economist, Bernard M. Baruch once said that “Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.”

While you may be an expert in your industry, you probably don’t know all there is to know about your products/services. Be open to learning and listening. Keep track of your competitors’ marketing strategies and listen to industry experts’ advice. Listening to the right people leads to growth.

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Sep 10 2010

How to take a stand for your brand this September!

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September is the month for standing up for causes. It’s National Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, National Childhood Cancer Month, National Literacy Month and of course, Patriot day on September 11th.Fulfill your corporate social responsibility by supporting one of the above causes. By associating with a meaningful cause not only are you helping those in need, you’re also enhancing your brand image.A CSR Branding survey conducted in the U.S in Feb this year revealed that 55% of the customers surveyed were more likely to choose a product that supports a certain cause when choosing between otherwise similar products.

75% of those surveyed who read about a company’s social responsibility agenda on its website said that it made them more likely to purchase products or services from that company.

What does this mean for your business? It means that your company stands a lot to gain by supporting social causes!

And whatever your cause, Promo Direct has the right promotional items for you to imprint your message on.

You can customize awareness bracelets (as low as $ 0.39 per piece) to promote the importance of education or to support cancer victims. You can contribute to educational institutions by gifting reasonable promotional Educational items.

Prove your patriotism to America by distributing imprinted promotional items Made in The USA to your customers, business partners and employees.

In fact, you can use any of our diverse promotional products to promote the cause of your choice.

Contribute to America’s future! Go on; start giving to start reaping.

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Sep 05 2010

Business tip for using eco-friendly promotional products

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There are different innovative ways of doing promotion activities to expand your customer reach. On the occasion of the World Environment Day, you can use eco-friendly promotional products to approach your customers in a creative style. Here are some tips to make your brand more prominent in the promotional industry space.

  • Reinforce the environment-focused theme

The 2010 theme for the World Environment Day is “Many Species… One Planet… One Future…” and the focus is on conserving the biodiversity of the planet Earth. Keep your brand message and campaign theme consistent and let people notice you.

  • Choose right promotional products

Go for a promotional product that goes hand in hand with your theme. Give out eco-friendly products especially if your business provides lifestyle solutions. Green promotional items like organic bags, wooden cases, LED flashlights, recyclable notepads, Aluminum bottles and USB drives are some of the good options to consider.

  • Customize the giveaway items

Get your eco-friendly giveaway items customized with your brand logo and company information. Choose earth colors like green, yellow, olive, brown, orange to customize your products as per the theme. Make sure you advertise and promote them in advance to achieve greater response and better results.

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Sep 01 2010

This September, make sure you target the youth!

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September is here and that means that millions of students are either starting out or returning back to school and University. What does this mean for your business? An opportunity to acquire customers for life.Gifting Promotional productsto students is a great way to garner awareness in schools and colleges. The reach that educational institutions offer is extremely high. In fact, nearly 49.7 million students enroll in public elementary and secondary schools in the United States ever year and more than 5 million students attend private schools across the nation.Orientation or Freshers’ week is an extremely interactive and enjoyable week for most University students. Distributing imprinted, promotional educational items like Pens, backpacks, usb flash drives, caps, backpacks and lanyards to students during Orientation week is a great strategy.

If you provide useful products that are appreciated by the recipients, they will be retained and used, repeating the imprinted message many times without added cost to your business.

Promotional items can also be distributed to students at fundraising events, annual school functions and University career fairs.

If students have a positive brand image of your company due to your promotional items, they might even be motivated to work for your company when they complete their education!

So, make sure the future of the nation has a positive brand image of your company. Start right now!

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