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Aug 12 2010

How to Multiply Your ROI by Using Promotional Products

For those who don’t know, ROI stands for “Return on Investment” which essentially is a technique to measure the effectiveness of your investments. Companies examine total profits against the amount of investment and evaluate their advertising efforts accordingly. For example, a particular campaign is said to be successful only when the returns exceed the entire cost of investment.If you are looking for ways to multiply your ROI, investing in promotional products is probably the smartest choice you’ll make.

Following are five quick steps to establish a strong promotional product campaign and yield maximum ROIs:

  • Choose Your Marketing Message

Before ordering your set of promotional items; make sure you figure out what you want to convey to your target market carefully.

  • Conduct Research & Analysis

Conduct a detailed research and analysis on current trends and updates.

  • Demand Feedback

The best way to evaluate your efforts is by requesting people to submit instant feedback. Request your customers to fill out a form after they receive free gifts from you.

  • Review Your Responses

In order to perform better in the future, it is extremely important to review suggestions received by in-house company members before the campaign and suggestions by customers after the campaign.

  • Be Creative

Perhaps the most significant way to achieve success is by being creative. Adapt innovative techniques and order distinctive promotional products to establish an unforgettable first impression on new customers.

Promotional products offer better ROI than any other medium of advertising, including television commercials. One way to calculate ROI on promotional products is by comparing the average amount of money that is spent to the number of times consumers might be exposed to it. That would define how successful your campaign can get. Thus, choosing useful products is a wiser choice because they tend to last much longer with users.

Happy investing! :)

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Aug 08 2010

14 oz. Mood Beer Mug (Biodegradable & Recyclable)

Published by under Promotional Products

If you are planning to gift beer mugs to your potential clients and customers, why choose an ordinary option? Here’s presenting the 14 oz. Mood Beer Mug which changes color according to the liquids you pour into it.

Available Colors!

These mugs are made of durable plastic which change color according to cold beverages, making it a great party product. Choose this promotional product if you are planning to embark an unforgettable first impression on new or potential customers. This will make them remember your company and brand name forever.

The 14 oz. Mood Beer Mug from Promo Direct comes with an easy to hold thumb-grip handle and will cost you as low as $1.22 (per mug) only. You can also choose the changeable colors from different orange, red, blue or purple.

This promotional item is also biodegradable and recyclable. Giving away environmentally friendly products will always enhance you brand identity and make you look a responsible company.

So why wait?
Impress your customers today.
You can also choose from our extensive range of other discount mugs for upcoming tradeshows, exhibitions or business events.

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Aug 04 2010

Screen Printing on Promotional Products

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Did you know ‘screen printing’ is one of the most versatile methods of printing used today by leading promotional product manufacturers?Screen printing is an effective printing technique which can be used on a wide range of materials such as metal, glass, cloth, paper and plastic. It is an effective process which involves printing by using substrates that other forms of printing techniques cannot be used for. Various promotional products including T-shirts, labels, electronics, bottles etc. are usually imprinted with company artworks and brand messages by using the method of screen printing.

To have a better idea about how it is done, watch the following videos on screen printing.

Promo Direct’s bottle screen printers imprint cylindrical parts flawlessly. These printers can be adjusted to print parts with minor tapers and they are also equipped with an inflation system which can be used for squeezable, polypropylene bottles.

Promo Direct successfully prints a wide range of drinkware products including aluminum bottles, promotional coffee mugs, ceramics, glassware products and other travel tumblers and mugs. Giving away promotional drinkware is a cost-effective option your company can consider for upcoming business events. Promotional drinkware offers maximum printing capacity and you can imprint your attractive logo and brand messages on them conveniently.

For more factory insights from Promo Direct, subscribe to us on our YouTube channel. Happy viewing!

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