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Aug 29 2010

5 ways on how to please your customers

Your customers are the backbone of your business. If you are a new player in the market, the first and most important factor that will help you determine your future goal is the strength of your customer base. You need to develop and execute different strategies to expand and stabilize your customer base. Once your customers start following your brand name, the next step towards achieving greater results is to delightfully gratify your customers. We offer you five ways to successfully please your customers.

  • Satisfy their needs

Your products and services should satisfy the requirements of your customers. Make sure you do a thorough research of the kind of lifestyle your customer lives, the age and gender group he belongs to. The products and services you offer should reflect your concerns towards your customers.

  • Reach out to your customers

Your customers expect you to solve their issues. Your approach towards your customers should be positive and solution-oriented. Give out a patient ear to them and set up a plan to address and solve their problems.

  • Share your company information

Customers are always attracted towards companies that follow transparent business and communication practices. Let your customers know more about you through the social networking channels that are readily available today. You can also send them a monthly update in the form of a newsletter to keep them updated.

  • Keep special offers for them

Your customers pay a fair price to obtain the products and services you offer them. Give them good discounts whenever possible. Also, keep special offers for them every season. Attract prospective customers towards you in the shopping season through sale offers and special coupons.

  • Be creative

Send seasonal greetings to your customers to surprise them. Gifting them with useful products with your brand logo will create a sense of belonging in them. Offer them attractive, innovative and handy products on various occasions and get your brand the needed exposure.

This way, you can keep your customers happy for a longer period of time.

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Aug 27 2010

8 ways on how to take great care of health

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Good health is a precious gift that needs to be taken care of. It is important to make a health promise to yourself and follow it with diligence. Moreover, it is essential for you to create a daily health schedule if you have a family to look after. We offer you some useful guidelines to help you stick to the promise you have made to yourself and keep you healthy throughout the year.

  • Modify daily habits

First of all, you need to break some old, unhealthy habits that do not benefit you anymore. You need to adopt new healthy habits in order to achieve better results for your health. Gradually, you will see positive results of the new and healthier habits adapted by you.

  • Build your own fitness goal

Create a realistic fitness goal that suits your health and personality and plan your day accordingly. One fitness plan cannot be applied to all. Get in touch with your physician and draw a new health plan for yourself to accomplish the fitness goal you have set.

  • Pay attention to the diet

Healthy diet leads to healthy life. Eat balanced food that consists of healthy sources of vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. Drink plenty of water and keep your body sufficiently hyderated. Your diet plan and exercise schedule should go hand in hand.

  • Be positive

A motivational self-talk will give you a clear understanding of what you have to achieve. Give yourself enough time to blend with new schedules. Read motivational writings and be surrounded with positive people.

  • Enjoy the process

It is okay to take time to learn and do things. Avoid creating unnecessary stress for yourself. Keep your approach creative and be open to new ideas. Indulge into healthy yet tasty foods and try new forms of exercise every week.

  • Learn from your setbacks

Every one faces some or the other kind of problem while adjusting to a new schedule. Try to convert your weaknesses into strengths. Learn from the setbacks you face and keep moving on.

  • Live stress-free life

Stress is a major factor that causes many physical and emotional diseases. Combat stress with good hobbies, healthy lifestyle and stress relief toys. Living in a stress-free environment is essential for physical and emotional well-being.

  • Use top quality healthcare products

Avoid experimenting with your health. Go for quality products from the credible suppliers and distributors. Personal care products are available in abundance. Pick the ones that suit you with utter care and attention. Consult your physician before you purchase a new healthcare product.

We wish you better health in the coming future!

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Aug 22 2010

5 Questions Small Businesses Should Determine Before Commencing

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If you are thinking to start a new business, you might have also thought of determining a business plan. It is important to set up a focused business plan to attain an overall picture of what needs to be done next. Every successful organization crafts a strong base of planning before execution. So can you; by answering 5 simple questions to yourself.

Following are 5 questions you should determine before commencing your small business:
  • Who are we?

Determine your company’s individuality clearly. This will help you establish an accurate direction for the future and will also signify your current boundaries and limitations.

  • What are we offering?

Conduct a research on current market trends and only then determine what exactly you are going to offer people. This will help you understand what your target audience needs and establish unique selling points for your products or services.

  • When will we break even?

It is extremely important to predict when your profits could start flowing in. Will your products or services bring in enough revenue to break even within the estimated time phase? Think of ways to minimize expenses and maximize revenues.

  • Why are we needed?

Determine why your products or services are needed. Explain how your enterprise would change things and how would those changes benefit your business. These answers might particularly be important for your investors too.

  • How to market our business?

Your sales and marketing initiatives must be planned skillfully and carefully. If you intend to spend less, we suggest you to giveaway promotional products to perspective customers. It is perhaps one of the most inexpensive yet effective ways to market new small businesses.

For more business marketing and branding tips, visit our new section of ‘Promotional Ideas’.

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Aug 18 2010

How to Become Irresistibly Attractive in Business

Are you wondering how your competitors seem to attract success in their business?
Well, it’s easier than you think.One solution to success in business is by becoming irresistibly attractive to your customers. In order to achieve that stature, being totally authentic in your work is extremely important. It is also important to understand the current trends among your target audience.

Following are 5 tips to be irresistibly attractive in business:

  • Be organized and optimistic

Never say die. Be optimistic about your objectives and make sure you are organized in your approach to achieve them. Plan realistically and spot opportunities where others see problems.

  • Be open-minded

Having an open mind to different views and suggestions will always help you craft your business towards betterment. If an opportunity comes your way, think before being dismissive.

  • Listen

Listening to your clients or customers well will help you evolve eventually. Do not hesitate to request for feedback and interact with as many customers whenever an opportunity arises. This will help you strategize foolproof solutions.

  • Build your brand identity

Every brand must have a distinctive identity to stand out among millions of brands in the world. Think, understand and evaluate your customers and build your brand identity according to what would interest them the most.

  • Be approachable

Yes, approachable. Make sure you establish and maintain the ability of being approachable even after being irresistibly attractive among customers.

By implementing these 5 simple tips in your business, you will be irresistibly attractive in your target circle much before you expect to be. So be confident and take your first step.

Good Luck!

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Aug 15 2010

Why are Business Cards Outdated Now?

Yes, it’s true. Business cards are outdated now.
Why? Because every company has been giving away business cards over the past few years; making it extremely common and monotonous to be noticed easily over competitors.If you are looking for a distinctive way to generate brand awareness, we recommend you to give away promotional products instead. Personalizing promotional products by imprinting your company logo and slogan will help you generate better brand recall over competitors. Don’t forget to imprint your contact details too; this will provoke your perspective customers to contact you immediately whenever needed.

Here are few options at similar costs which could replace business cards easily:

People carry notepads to work everyday. You can order customized notepads or sticky notes at as low as $0.22 only.

People carry keyholders wherever they go. Imprinted keyholders from Promo Direct are available at as low as $0.22 only.

Stand out amongst others. Instead of being one card among many, give away inexpensive business card holders ($0.84 only) instead or order the exclusive Noir Business Card Case holders for your valuable clients and customers.

Not convinced enough? Still wish to give away business cards and nothing else? No problem, here’s a distinctive way to distribute them.

You can give away the Thank You Business Card Box to new acquaintances or the Happy Holidays Business Card Box to existing customers with ‘thank you’ a message or ‘happy holidays’ stamped in chocolate respectively. These boxes can be sent along with your attached business card and impress your customers successfully.

So when are you switching to promotional products?

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