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Jul 09 2010

Mistakes Made by Companies While Buying Promotional Products

Majority of small-sized and large companies end up making a few mistakes while purchasing promotional items. Firstly, buying marketing promotional items is an investment and not an expense. Promotional products do bring in returns, so make sure you get rid of that false notion in your mind successfully.

Here are a few usual mistakes made by companies while buying promotional products:
  • Buying from unreliable sources

One of the most usual and costliest mistakes made by buyers is to end up purchasing from unreliable or an inexperienced company that puts in no efforts to enhance your promotional campaign or takes no interest in it either.

  • Choosing the wrong product

You might end up purchasing efficient products but for the wrong target audience. For example, corporate gifts would not appeal to young students at all.

  • Being stingy

Opting for inexpensive promotional items and being stingy are two different things. Make sure you do not end up being too cost-conscious for your brand image. Also, do not save those products for ‘special occasions’ which eventually never come.

  • No planning in advance

Making sure you plan everything well in advance is extremely important for a smooth promotional procedure. Place your order early enough in advance to avoid the extra shipping charges and panicked or unorganized distribution of products.

  • No tracking and analysis

This is probably the biggest mistake companies have made while purchasing promotional items. Having a technique to track ROIs (Return on Investment) is extremely important before you place an order. You can probably giveaway discount coupons along with the products to evaluate the number of conversions later.

So avoid these common mistakes and contact us for more expertise on promotional products.

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Jul 08 2010

Various Ways to Promote Your Business

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There are numerous ways to promote your business via exclusive as well as inexpensive techniques. Big and small companies have their different ways to promote their businesses; but perhaps the only common way utilized by them is to giveaway personalized marketing items to enhance their brand recognition and recall. For example, inexpensive promotional items such as promotional pens and drinkware are extremely popular amongst all American companies.Here are a few quick tips apart from distributing customized giveaways to enhance your business:

  • If you do not have business cards and personalized stationary already, have them made immediately and start giving them away in your circle for networking purposes.
  • Attend various meetings, conferences, tradeshows and other such business events throughout the year; and if possible, conduct a few events as well.
  • Make sure you interact with existing customers often and help them out sincerely, whenever necessary. You must have heard that mouth-to-mouth publicity is one of the best ways to market anything. Well, this is where you can begin.
  • Network with competitors willingly. Getting to know what competitors are doing in the same market can prove to be very beneficial for future business plans and goals.
  • Request for feedback wherever possible. Ask customers, visitors and attendees to give you feedback on a personal level, or your company website or by replying to your mailers.

So why wait?
Start promoting your business today!

Good luck. :)

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Jul 07 2010

Is It Worth Investing In Promotional Mailers?

One of the most repetitive questions received by promotional product companies is whether those items are worth the investment or not. It is very difficult for businessmen to decide when to cut back the existing investments or where to spend more. Taking a decision of sending across promotional mailers is quite a dilemma-tic situation for every business, especially small businesses.If you are amongst those confused businessmen, realizing the probable impact of promotional products on customers could be convincing enough to change your mind.

After thorough research, many researchers have confirmed that promotional mailers and packaging is a worth investment for brand building purposes. Sending across personalized marketing items to people is one of the best ways to introduce your company or its new products, services and other important updates or announcements.

To convert them into leads, you can ask them to fill out a form and re-send the mailer back to you; or ask them to visit your website to acquire more hits and conversions for sales. This will generate awareness amongst them and enforce them to look you up and maybe even an order immediately. Thus, make sure your approach is impressive and its impact is long-lasting.

If you do not believe in sending expensive or exclusive gifts, we suggest you to send across simple, inexpensive promotional merchandise instead. Just fill out this Catalog Request Form to receive free promotional catalogs from Promo Direct.

Happy Investing! :)

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Jul 06 2010

Brand Building by Using Promotional Products

Nowadays, looking for new and more importantly efficient ways of brand building is as vital as developing a solid marketing strategy. Giving away promotional products is probably the most popular and easiest way to spread brand awareness and uplift its presence against competitors, in recent times.If your business has been spending outrageously on mediums of advertising like TV, print, etc.; switching to promoting by giving away promotional merchandize might save you a fortune! Business promotional products have the capability of being displayed or carried at home or the office. Do not underestimate their potential to generate positive and long lasting brand recognition or recall amongst customers.

You might be surprised to know how a product worth just a dollar, or even less, could eventually work wonders for your brand’s prosperity. Researchers believe that giveaways definitely help in building a good brand reputation. Many customers even recall the exact day and place where they received complimentary products.

These personalized business items can be customized accordingly as per your preference, with logos, taglines and other communicational brand messages. Every time those products are used, displayed or spotted by people, they might turn into informed potential customers. Thus, make sure you choose something specifically interesting for your target audience to expand your reach as much as possible.

If done appropriately, the products you purchase could successfully build your brand and leave behind a long-lasting impression on everyone.

So why wait?
Start brand building today!

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Jul 05 2010

Happy Independence Day!

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Hello everyone!
We, at Promo Direct, would like to wish all of you a very Happy Independence Day. We would also like to suggest you to make the most out of this week by giving away Made in USA promotional items, to share the patriotic spirit with all your customers, clients and even competitors!

Choose from promotional carry bags, outdoor items, health care products, drinkware, keyholders, magnets and the bestselling writing products. You can then personalize your chosen custom promotional product by imprinting brand messages, taglines and the company logo.Our promotional giveawaysare exclusively manufactured in USA and are indirectly supporting the US economy. So take this opportunity during the Independence Week to uplift your brand image amongst everyone.
Also see Sweda USA promotional products

Happy ‘nationalizing’! :)

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