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Jun 07 2010

The Advantages of Calendar-Advertising

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What does the upcoming year hold for advertisers? Are you bored of utilizing the same mediums and need a change? Well, designing and distributing promotional wall calendars or desk calendars could be something you’re looking for.

Everybody uses a calendar. You do too, right?
Customized desk calendars could enhance your promotional efforts as it involves the following advantages:

  • Controlled and restricted distribution

Unlike other ordinary or small promotional products, promo desk calendars wouldn’t be transferrable to others or misplaced easily by receivers.

  • Brand exposure for 365 days

Calendars last much longer than other promotional products, making them an efficient and a resourceful choice for promoters.

  • Cost-effectiveness

Instead of distributing several promotional products giveaways during the year, you could choose to giveaway business wall calendars which last throughout the year. This will save you a lot of money and satisfy your limited promotional budgets.

  • Repetitive recall and increasing popularity

Our customized calendars are creative enough to be loved by your potential customers. You can send across one every year and enhance your brand recall and popularity amongst existing customers as well.

No workplace or a house is complete without a calendar.
Promote your company with our promotional desk calendars, stick-up calendars, wall calendars or weekly/monthly planners.

So why wait?
Order your set of promotional calendars today!

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Jun 07 2010

How to strategize online corporate marketing activities

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To endorse your brand effectively, you need to have a strong marketing strategy in place. We provide you some smart tips on strategizing your online corporate marketing activities successfully.

  • Company website

Develop a good-looking and reliable company website with minimum loopholes. Keep your website well-updated with business related knowledge, product and service features and customer service information.

  • Produce a company newsletter

You need to update you customers on a weekly or monthly basis on the kinds of corporate activities you are planning to do and how can they benefit your customers. Send them a smart, customized newsletter that contains useful business tips and guidelines, offers and discounts on specific products and options to share the provided information.

  • Go Social

It has been observed that promoting a brand using social media outlets has proven profitable for many companies. Share your corporate marketing activities with your customers. Let them know how your business works and what types of operations are executed. Involve and interact with your customers in a friendly way and see your brand becoming more popular.

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Jun 04 2010

Education & School Items

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It is extremely important to choose the right type of products for the right kind of promotional audience. Apart from choosing ideal promotional giveaway items, it is important to realize the significance of having promotional aims and how to target them appropriately. Different groups of people are attracted to different products and have a different set of requirements.

We have an extensive range of products to satisfy anyone and everyone.
But if you want something specifically for students, we highly recommend our range of:
Education/School Items

You can customize these promotional education items by imprinting your company logo and brand message, and distribute them at fund-raising activities or other educational functions. Some schools and colleges have limited budgets for different programs and activities. Giving away imprinted promotional school items could enhance your brand image and eventually improve your brand identity.

You can choose from products like promotional pens, pencils, crayons, USB flash drives, backpacks, mini staplers, notepads, multifunctional calculators, etc. Writing products and other stationary items are amongst our bestsellers which are already very popular in the promotional industry. You can also opt for our imprinted backpacks and help your students by keeping them organized.

Learn how to promote smartly by giving away these items to smart learners.

So, don’t wait for the Annual Teacher’s Appreciation Week.
Order now!

Happy schooling! :)

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Jun 03 2010

2 GB Union USB Drive

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It is safe to say that everyone who uses a computer knows what a USB flash drive is.

This portable item is extremely useful to store and transfer files.
We all need it, right?

The amount of efficiency and popularity a promotional flash drive carries, it certainly has proven to be one of the most ideal business gifts in recent times. This device is probably more effective than its previous counterparts like CDs or floppy disks. Utilizing flash drives as personalized promotional items and giving them away to potential customers, colleagues and even competitors could enhance your brand recall for a very, very long time.

But if you are choosing a popular product, why not opt for a distinctive one?
Meet the perfect combination of innovation and technology:
The 2 GB Union USB Drive

This brilliant innovation is highly durable and long-lasting. It is made out of flexible silicone which doubles as a trendy bracelet for effortless portability. It is a great promotional idea for students, bookstores, office-going executives and almost everyone who uses a portable flash drive.

You can order this product at the cost as low as $10.40 only! All you have to do is imprint your company logo and depict your brand message to all those people who use it and their friends or colleagues who manage to see it.

So why wait?
Order now!

Switch to smarter options.
Happy promoting! :)

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Jun 02 2010

The PPI Blog

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Have you ever visited The PPI Blog?
Well, PPI stands for ‘Promotional Product International’ and this is where authors from all around the world post information and news about the gift and premium industry.

So do we.

Promo Direct willingly participates in sharing knowledge and information about promotional giveaways and allied services on this blog. For example, read our post on “Promotional Giveaways & Tradeshows” which talks about distributing promotional products for success in return.

This article foucuses on considering the importance of promotional products and utilizing them effectively in your company’s promotional activities. It also includes the Top 5 tips which to be considered before you conduct your tradeshow.

Following is a shot extract from that article:

“A promotional giveaway product is basically an object of merchandise suiting the company’s brand identity and/or values, with its logo or a slogan or any other message imprinted on it, which is used in their marketing and communication programs. Such promotional giveaways are usually distributed for free at various business events, especially tradeshows.”

There are various ways to acquire leads and promote your business but the evolution and efficacy of giving away promotional products is recommendable. We hope you have already used them in the past or are planning to in the future. For those who do not even know about promotional products, we strongly recommend you to read this one.

[Click Here to view the entire useful article.]

Happy promoting! :)

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